Five residents give their neighborhood cupboard a makeover for an unforgettable Christmas Eve

Chocolate letters, toys and gingerbread nuts: residents of Vijfhuizen have transformed their neighborhood cupboard into a Sinterklaas paradise to give all their fellow villagers an unforgettable and sustainable Christmas Eve.

Photo: Neighborhood cupboard in Vijfhuizen has been transformed for an unforgettable Christmas evening – Facebook Neighborhood cupboard Vijfhuizen

Not only organizations are making every effort to give as many people as possible an unforgettable Christmas Eve. Residents also contribute.

The neighborhood cupboard is normally stocked with the usual supply of groceries, such as soup, pasta, vegetables, shampoo, toothpaste and sanitary towels. But just before Christmas Eve, the neighborhood cupboard has been transformed into a true children’s paradise, with treats and toys in abundance.

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Photo: Neighborhood cupboard in Vijfhuizen – Facebook Neighborhood cupboard Vijfhuizen

It seems as if Sinterklaas has come personally, but it is really the residents of Vijfhuizen themselves who have redecorated the neighborhood cupboard, containing items that they no longer use.

This is what one of the initiators of the neighborhood box, Kim Kuiper, writes on Facebook:

“Oh, come and have a look
What’s in the cupboard
Specially for Christmas Eve

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To avoid tempting naughty children, the chocolate letters, gingerbread nuts, toy cars, markers and books are on the top shelf: a place where the small children cannot reach themselves, but the Pieten in Vijfhuizen can. They can take the items for free to pack and give to children who would like to play with them.

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Photo: The neighborhood cupboard in Vijfhuizen has been transformed for Christmas Eve – Facebook Neighborhood Cupboard Vijfhuizen

The community box has been on the grounds of the Verbondskerk since June: a place where everyone can go without shame, but where there is still social control. People take from the cupboard for free what they can use and put in what they can spare.

Hidden poverty

“It is mainly intended to provide support to people who have difficulty making ends meet,” Kim tells NH. “Vijfhuizen is a village with a lot of wealth, but also with hidden poverty.”

Another reason to use the neighborhood cupboard is to prevent waste. As an example, she mentions a birthday present that you don’t know what to do with, but that someone else can be very happy with.

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