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Eugenio Colombo on Radio Cusano Campus: “No rapprochement with Francesca. I’m going to take Greta back to Big Brother”

The former tronista of “Men and womenEugenio Colomboguest of “Turquoise“, the program hosted by Turquoise Baracchi broadcast every Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm Radio Cusano Campus and on radio Cusano Italia TV (channel 122 of digital terrestrial), denied recent rumors about a possible flashback with his ex, Francesca Del Taglia.


Their relationship, born on the set of “Men and women” and lasted nine years, it ended in September 2022. Since then, both have been linked to other people, with Eugenio having brief flirtations with Greta Rossetticurrently at “Big Brother”, e Gwendolyn Canessa.

Turchese Baracchi raised the topic of the alleged fiery kiss in Florence: “Everyone is hoping for a flashback between you and Francesca because of this fiery kiss. What can you tell us?

Eugene replied: “That evening, Francesca had come to the club where I was playing and stopped by to say hello. We have a beautiful relationship, she is the mother of my children. We were together almost 10 years and it is normal that we love each other. There is no rapprochement, we have our lives”. Further denying the kiss, Eugenio added: “There was no fiery kiss, that was a video shoot.

During the interview, Turchese asked Eugenio about his estrangement from his family at a young age. “Yes, I left at 18 after meeting a girl. I have always had a beautiful relationship with my family” explained Eugenio.

Speaking about his vision of family and values, Eugenio said: “I still believe in family, I thank my parents for everything. Despite the difficult times, love and family have always been at the center.

On his separation from Francesca, Eugenio underlined: “We found our stability and serenity. We love each other dearly. Even if our story is over, we gave everything.

Finally, speaking about his love future, Eugenio expressed optimism: “I’m not married yet, but I’m sure it will happen. 2024 will be my year.

Eugenio Colombo also spoke about his brief flirtation with Greta Rossetticurrently a competitor of the “Big Brother”. Their relationship ended following the disclosure of photos depicting Eugenio kissing his ex gieffina Guendalina Canessa, but the two remained on good terms.

Turchese Baracchi raised the issue of the alleged kiss: “Marcella, mother of Greta Rossetti, said that because of a kiss with Guendalina Canessa, Greta got angry and so this story ended, but it’s as if she always hoped for this return between you and her daughter.

Eugene replied: “I have to tell you the truth, Greta and I met in December through social media. On January 10th we saw each other in person, I even remember the date because I took her with me to an event in Florence. It was love at first sight, there was immediate chemistry. Greta is mature, she understood the state I was in. I had a bit of a down moment caused by many situations, perhaps even by the previous story. I wasn’t ready, but now we have a relationship that goes beyond friendship.”

The former tronista, pressed by Baracchi, then revealed what he would do if he could see Greta that at “Big Brother” he admitted that he misses him: “Did he say he would like to come back with me? Then I’ll go get it! If I could send her a message, I would tell her that I was pleased with the letter she sent me. The fact that she misses me has triggered something important inside me. I don’t know if as a friend… We have a chemistry that you can hardly find in a person. If I found her in front of me I would hug her, and then we’ll see what happens. If I tell her that I am now out of this situation she will understand immediately. I can’t wait to see her. I’m sure when she comes out we will definitely see each other”.

Discussing the relationship between Greta and Mirko Brunetti, Eugenio stated: “She is going through a difficult time, she is 25 years old and is carrying out a program. Because let’s be clear, if it hadn’t been for her some characters wouldn’t even have entered Big Brother, like Mirko and Perla. Not to offend them, but Greta was out of her mind and they only talked about her.”

Eugenio added that he supported the relationship between Greta and Mirko for some time, but now he understood that, in reality, the influencer would need another type of man: “I defended them when I met them, but afterwards… Greta is a girl who has been through a lot in her life, she needs a man who gives her a bit of lightness, not who makes her feel like a child. Over time I realized that they were too different. Greta is more like me: as I saw her with me, I didn’t see her with Mirko that’s it”.

Eugenio also commented on the relationship between Mirko and Perla Vatiero claiming that in his opinion the two are still in love: “Mirko is still in love with Perla, we can all see it. Love can come back, the important thing is to admit things. I didn’t know Perla and the relationship that is being created between them seems sincere to me. I’m happy that now we no longer talk about this triangle but only about Greta. I have nothing to say to Mirko, I think he knows inside that he is still in love with Perla. There is magic between them, the magic with Greta were emotions limited to the television context.”

Finally, speaking about the future, Eugenio concluded: “Life is strange, I miss Greta. Now I’m ready, I feel good about myself.

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