FilGoal | News | Rami Abbas on the Salah crisis: Whoever begged him for a picture tried to bring him down… I took everyone’s names

Rami Abbas, Mohamed Salah’s agent, launched a harsh criticism of those who attacked the Egyptian national team captain after announcing his departure from the Pharaohs camp for the 2023 African Cup of Nations.

Rami Abbas wrote on his official Twitter account, saying: “The same individuals and influencers who become weak and fall to their knees when they encounter Salah in person and beg him to follow them or take personal photos tried to take advantage of an unfortunate injury and questioned his commitment to his country. They did.” “It’s in search of fame and admiration.”

He continued, “I would like to thank those who did this honorable thing and who pointed out how cheap and ridiculous that attack was. I took everyone’s names in both cases.”

Rami Abbas concluded his speech, “More importantly, to the vast majority of you who support Salah, my message to you is not to worry, because your global icon that you helped create is too big to be brought down by social media. None of the influencers will change any of that.”

This came minutes after another tweet that Salah posted on his Twitter account and said: “Yesterday I started the treatment and rehabilitation program and I will do everything possible to be ready as soon as possible and return to the national team as was agreed upon from the beginning. I love Egypt and its people. Try harder.”

Salah suffered an injury before the end of the first half for the Egyptian national team against Ghana in the second round of the group stage.

Salah left before the end of the first half in the match, which ended in a 2-2 draw.

The Football Association announced the next day that Salah had suffered a back strain and would be absent from the Cape Verde and Round of 16 matches if he qualified.

However, on the night of the match against Cape Verde, Jurgen Klopp, his Liverpool coach, came out and said: “I am not a doctor, but I would like to say that if Egypt qualifies for the final and at the same time Salah becomes ready to play, perhaps we will allow him to return to the national team.”

Klopp’s statement sparked controversy, and the Egyptian national team subsequently issued a statement announcing Salah’s travel to England in order to complete his treatment and return once Egypt reaches the semi-finals of the African Nations. (See details)

A source from the Egyptian national team revealed the scenes behind the decision to leave Mohamed Salah for the Pharaohs’ camp in Côte d’Ivoire to “The national team agreed with Liverpool to treat Salah there because the medical equipment in Côte d’Ivoire is very weak, and the team will travel to the city of San Pedro to play the round of 16 match, which is a city.” Small, with weak capabilities.

He concluded his statements, “Salah did not speak in the press conference about his travel date because the agreement with Liverpool was for him to leave after the Cape Verde match, and Klopp was the one who violated the agreement.”

After that, Klopp came out and defended Salah, saying: “What I will say is clear. If Egypt qualifies for the final and Salah is fit to play, he will return to them 100%. Salah wants that and so do we. We are not planning anything else, but rather we are being honest.”

He continued, “If there is someone who doubts Salah’s loyalty to the Egyptian national team, he must ask himself whether his loyalty to the Egyptian national team is strong because Salah is the most loyal and loyal Egyptian I have ever met in my life.”

Then the German coach apologized: “We all have to be rational when talking about Salah’s injury crisis. I announced the news of his return to us before everyone else. I am sorry because of that.”

He concluded, “If a player is injured, we do our best to help him.”

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