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Dutchman John van den Broome has become the most prominent candidate to take over the leadership of the Zamalek team during the coming period.

Van den Broome’s style, through his previous experiences, is characterized by study, analysis, and then evaluation in order to achieve the desired results and desired goals.

Brom’s coaching career began in 2003 and he led many European clubs, most notably Anderlecht and Genk in Belgium, as well as Ajax Youth, Alkmaar and Vitesse in the Netherlands.

Van den Broome’s career witnessed one Arab experience, but it was short with the Saudi cooperation team.

Reviews for you Highlights of the Dutch coach’s coaching career.

His working style

“Giving young people an opportunity, evaluating the players first and then requesting reinforcements, presenting attractive football characterized by an offensive nature.” This was a summary of Van den Brom’s statements when he was presented to take over the leadership of Anderlecht of Belgium.

Van den Bromme’s spell at Anderlecht, which lasted for nearly two seasons, was considered the most successful of his coaching career.

We review for you the most important training ideas of Van den Broome, which he stated during his presentation conference with Anderlecht.

The Dutch coach initially apologized for his lack of proficiency in the French language, stressing the importance of communicating well.

Regarding his work method, he explained that he collects a number of video clips of the team’s matches in order to initially identify the players.

After Van den Broome got to know the players, the Dutch coach focused on watching them in training sessions, then evaluating them, and then talking about the required reinforcements.

This is consistent with what he taught In Zamalek’s negotiations with Van den Broome, the Dutch coach first asked to know the club’s position on the registration crisis and then obtain information about the club’s stadiums and training methods. (Details here)

The Dutch coach then touched on the young players, and Van den Broome explained in his statements that it is necessary to give young people an opportunity to move forward within the team.

Here will come the role of Zamalek’s youth teams and the emergence of distinguished elements to strengthen the team’s roster in matches.

After all of the above, comes the role of playing style, and Van den Broome indicated that he is not an exception, but as is the case with Dutch coaches, he likes to present attractive football characterized by an attacking nature.

Van den Broome plays in a 4-2-3-1 system, which he relies on in most of his matches during his career.

Lech Poznań, Poland

The Polish team Lech Poznań was John van den Brom’s last training stop, which began in July 2022 until last December.

The Dutch coach achieved an achievement that had been absent in Polish football for 30 years, as Van den Bromme led the Lech Poznań team to the quarter-finals of the European Conference League.

This qualification is considered an achievement, as no Polish team has ever reached the quarter-finals of a continental tournament for nearly 30 years.

Fiorentina stopped Lech Poznan’s dreams after being eliminated from the quarter-finals, after which the Italian team achieved second place in the European Conference League competition.

Van den Broome led the Polish team in 81 matches overall, including 25 this season.

Lech Poznań played 25 matches this season under the leadership of the Dutch coach, and the team achieved 14 victories, six draws and five defeats.

The two parties reached an agreement on the departure of the Dutch coach due to being in third place in the Polish league.

A disappointing departure that brought about coronation

Aside from his last stop in Poland, he coached Brom in the Dutch League more than once, and previously led the Vitesse team, with whom he achieved a remarkable success, but he left suddenly.

John expressed his regret that his departure from the Dutch team Vitesse was disappointing and unexpected for him.

Van den Broome achieved an achievement with Vitesse, the club he previously represented as a player, by qualifying for European competitions after an absence of 10 years during a single season in which he led the team.

Vitesse won the qualifiers by qualifying for the Europa League for the 2012-2013 season, before leaving in a disappointing manner, from his point of view.

Van den Broome said after his departure: “I do not draw any conclusion regarding my departure except that the club owner wanted to get rid of me.”

He explained, “Leaving in this way is very difficult after achieving our goal of qualifying for continental competitions, but I was not told the reason, but it has become inevitable now and I will head to Anderlecht, and this is certainly not a punishment.”

The move to Anderlecht was not really a punishment, as Van den Broome achieved three titles with Anderlecht among the four titles he achieved in his career as a technical director so far.

Van den Broome led Belgian Anderlecht from July 2012 until April 2014, winning the league once and the Super Cup twice.


Dutch coach John van den Broome faced sanctions during his time with AZ Alkmaar due to his statements against refereeing.

Broome cannot control himself in the face of negative arbitration decisions – from his point of view – and then goes out in the media to talk about those decisions.

Van den Bromme’s period in Alkmaar is considered the largest of his career, as he led the team for five full seasons.

Van den Broome was suspended in April 2018 due to his criticism of Kevin Bloom, the Dutch referee, who officiated his team, Alkmaar, against PSV Eindhoven.

Alkmaar lost that exciting match by three goals to two, and Brom came out at the time and said: “It is unbelievable that this man always succeeds in worrying us. This referee cannot deal with this type of match, and he proved that again tonight.”

At that time, a one-match suspension was imposed against Van den Broome due to his statements, and the Dutch coach’s previous punishments were taken into account.

He was suspended because of his behavior in Alkmaar’s match against ADO Den Haag in December 2015, and also another penalty after the match against Ajax in November 2016, when Paul van Bokel described the match’s referee as “an idiot.”

An incomplete Arab experience

Van den Broome’s coaching career witnessed one Arab experience, but it was short, less than a month.

Van den Broome took over the leadership of Saudi Cooperation from April to May 2022 and led the team in only 7 matches, losing 4 of them and winning only twice.

The Egyptian Mustafa Fathi was a player in the ranks of the Saudi team during that period.

The Dutch coach departed quickly after failing to qualify for the quarter-finals of the AFC Champions League, as the team was eliminated from the group stage after finishing the group in second place behind Al-Duhail of Qatar.

Van den Brom then quickly moved on to a new career, which was his last stop when he led Poland’s Lech Poznań.

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