Fien Vermeulen pregnant: ‘So much hoped for’

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Wonderful news for radio DJ Fien Vermeulen; she is pregnant with her first child. ‘So much more beautiful than expected.’

The pregnancy is extra special for Fien, because she thought earlier barren caused by cancer treatments. Fien survived lymphoma at the age of 21. She has always been open about the aftermath of the disease. This is what she wrote in her column Wendy how stupid she thinks the children’s question is. ‘If I had a euro for every time someone made a comment about my childless status, I think I would have a brand new Bugaboo can buy. The comments like ‘It looks good on you!’ apart from that.’

Fien Vermeulen is pregnant

The question that follows the children’s question is perhaps even stupider. ‘Do you mind that I ask that? Of course, you also have people who have difficulty with it. To get them, I mean.’ Fien writes about this: ‘I was so astonished that someone dared to answer his own stupid question that I didn’t say anything. I walked away and didn’t hear my friend’s response anymore. I’m not ready to go into the details, but it pains me. I find it difficult enough that my friends, acquaintances and colleagues announce their children one by one. I’m always happy for them, I really am, but it’s doubly so if you also have a great desire to have children.’

The fact that she can now share her pregnancy is a dream come true. With the first hugs, the first book, the first ultrasound and already a small baby bump… Fien makes it clear on Instagram that this year is and will be unforgettable. She writes: ‘Grateful and proud. So much hoped for, so much desired and so much more beautiful and intense than expected. What a road and adventure. I’m sure the stories will come later, but for now, our little miracle is coming.” The presenter is due in the summer.

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