FGTS birthday withdrawal: see the 2024 calendar

Workers can withdraw part of their FGTS balance in the month of their birthday. The modality available since 2020 is optional and can be reverted to withdrawal-termination through the fund application, as long as there is no contracted advance operation.

The change only takes place 25 months after the cancellation request.

Anyone who opts for the birthday withdrawal and is fired will only be able to withdraw the amount relating to the termination fine and will not be able to withdraw the full amount from the account.

According to confirmation from the folder CNN, this condition can be reviewed in a bill (PL) that may soon be sent by the government to the National Congress.

In January 2023, the birthday withdrawal redemptions hit record. According to data from Caixa, there were 2.2 million withdrawals in this modality, totaling R$1.11 billion redeemed.

Check out the complete benefit calendar throughout 2024:

Birthday month Deadline for withdrawal
January from January 2nd to March 29th, 2024
February from February 1st to April 30th, 2024
March from March 1st to May 31st, 2024
April from April 1st to June 28th, 2024
May from May 2nd to July 31st, 2024
June from June 3 to August 30, 2024
July from July 1st to September 30th, 2024
August from August 1st to October 31st, 2024
September from September 2nd to November 30th, 2024
October from October 1st to December 29th, 2024
November from November 1, 2024 to January 31, 2025
December from December 2, 2024 to February 28, 2025

Birthday withdrawal amount

In annual FGTS withdrawals there is a withdrawal limit, determined by a rate referring to each balance range plus a fixed installment.

For example, a worker who has R$5,000 in the FGTS will receive 30% of the amount, that is, R$1,500, with an additional installment of R$150, totaling R$1,650 in the month equivalent to his birthday.

The amount can be received at banks other than Caixa, if it has the same ownership. If the person does not withdraw within the established period, the portion returns to the FGTS reserve.

Who is entitled to the FGTS birthday withdrawal?

All workers with a registered card and with money in the FGTS can opt for the withdrawal method in the month of their birthday. Those who do not indicate the option continue in the standard withdrawal-termination mode.

It is worth noting that professionals registered in this withdrawal modality are still entitled to receive the 40% fine paid by the employer in the event of unfair dismissal.

Juliana Inhasz explains that this 40% refers to the amount credited by the last contractor during the period of service.

For example, a person who has had three jobs throughout their life, when fired without just cause, receives as a fine only 40% of the total credited to their last job.

“The amount paid to the FGTS is equivalent to one salary per year. If a person worked for 10 years in a company, they accumulated around 10 salaries”, explains Inhasz.

“In case of unfair dismissal, the employer must pay 40% of this, that is, 4 salaries in addition to those already accrued”, concludes the coordinator.

For this reason, the 40% fine may not be very significant for those who have only been in a job for a short time, have had many employers or are at the beginning of their career.

How to opt for the birthday withdrawal?

The option for an annual withdrawal in the month of your birthday can be made in the FGTS application, on your smartphone, at FGTS websiteno Internet Banking Caixa or in person at Caixa Econômica Federal branches.

Through these channels, it is also possible to make a query, using the CPF, to check whether the benefit is active in the account, as well as whether it is available for withdrawal.

The request for the annual FGTS benefit must be made by the last day of the worker’s month of birth. This way, he will receive the amount in the same year in which he opted for the modality.

If the worker registers after this period, the withdrawal will only be available in the year following the request.

Anticipation of FGTS birthday withdrawal

The advance of the birthday withdrawal is a category of loan provided by Caixa, which allows the advance payment of up to five installments of the benefit.

In practice, the FGTS balance itself serves as a guarantee in the operation and the amounts are deducted from the fund automatically.

It is important to highlight that there are some requirements that define who can advance the birthday withdrawal, such as:

  • not have restrictions on the CPF;
  • have a balance in the account linked to the FGTS;
  • be registered in the birthday withdrawal option.

Furthermore, there is a minimum amount for contracting advance payments, of R$500 in total — each period has a minimum of R$200.

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