Ferro continues with the dream of promotion

Since the arrival of Jorge Cordon to the substitute bench, Ferro is sowing the seed of illusion. It wasn’t easy, not at all simple. But this team goes, plays and has its mind set on returning to First Division after more than 20 years of navigating the depths of the Ascension. And in Carlos Casares he took an important step to continue dreaming: down to Agriculturalone of the great candidates in the Reduced, and advanced to the quarterfinalswhere the loser of the category final between Admiral Brown e Independent Rivadavia.

Oeste knew that they needed to win in a very complex terrain to stay alive in the championship. That’s why he came out convinced to play his game and hit quickly. And although he had a hard time getting his footing at the beginning of the duel, since his rival had a better start, the shoe of Alexander Diaz It made things easier for him. Yes, the Tank grabbed the ball, settled in and hit a great shot from outside the area so that Felipe Zenobio couldn’t get it out.

The goal gave Green more peace of mind. He made him play with the desperation of a Sojero who could never feel comfortable in his own home, where he had barely lost once in the regular season. When? In the 1-3 against Temperley, on date 28.

The lack of football responses from the local team led Gabriel Gómez to get involved in the complement, took out two players and also modified the tactical system, something that did not bring solutions to the problems it had been showing. And as if that were not enough, Claudio Mosca sealed the victory near the end to collect three gold points and continue dreaming of the long-awaited return.

Will Leprosy the Frigate

As the team with the worst coefficient of those classified for the Reduced, Ferro will play the quarterfinals with the loser of the very final of the First National. Yes, his rival will be Almirante Brown or Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza.

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