FC Volendam suffers a loss in the cup with a defeat against Excelsior Maassluis

Redouan Omar Ouali runs away cheering after his (decisive) goal against FC Volendam

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FC Volendam has been knocked out of the cup tournament by the amateurs of Excelsior Maassluis. The Volendam team lost 1-0 at Sportpark Dijkpolder.

Volendam’s cup match had been postponed because the Premier League match against Ajax had to be made up on the original date.

Second division player Excelsior Maassluis took the lead in the twentieth minute. After a good counter, Redouan Ouali scored. Volendam gave chase, but kept coming up against the defensive wall erected by the home team.

Third cup stunt season

In the last minute of injury time, Robert Mühren thought he could secure extra time, but his headed goal was disallowed for offside.

Mühren leaves disappointed

Volendam is the third Eredivisie club to be eliminated in the first round of the cup tournament. Heracles Almelo and PEC Zwolle lost against HHC Hardenberg and AFC respectively.

In the second round of the cup, Excelsior Maassluis will meet a team from the third division in DEM, Beverwijk.

‘We did it’

Ouali, the scorer of the only goal, responded after the cup stunt Along the Line and Surrounding Areas. “It’s a madhouse here.” said Ouali from Maassluis. “It’s a great evening. My goal went in beautifully.”

Ouali’s goal came early in the match. Volendam had seventy minutes to pound on the gates. “It was tough, it became a fighting match. We did everything we could and tried to keep things close. We succeeded. In the end it was a tight squeeze, but we did it.”

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