FC Groningen wins 4-0 against Jong PSV

Monday, September 18, 2023 at 9:52 PM

FC Groningen won 4-0 against Jong PSV on Monday evening. The score was reached at half time. Isak Määttä opened the scoring, Kevin van Veen made his first in Euroborg. Paulos Abraham scored and Radinio Balker also scored before halftime. The next home match will be played on Friday, September 29, when FC Den Bosch will be the opponent in Euroborg.

FC Groningen started with the same eleven starting players as last Friday and had the first chance to win the match after just one minute of play. Noam Emeran rushed past his opponent and saw that his cross to Kevin van Veen was cleared at the last moment by the PSV defense. Isak Määttä came over on the left after 11 minutes of play and his sharp ball went inside the post, the first goal in the FC shirt for the Norwegian, 1-0.

Striker Van Veen scored his first goal in Euroborg halfway through the first half. Van Veen received the ball from Paulos Abraham and shot in hard with the left, 2-0. A minute later, the striker almost scored his second of the evening. After a cross from Emeran, Van Veen aimed the ball wide of the post.

Abraham beautifully curled in the 3-0 after more than half an hour of play. The Swede had the chance to score again in the final phase, but hit the post. From the subsequent corner kick, Radinio Balker headed the halftime score to 4-0. The FC received applause from the 18,980 FC supporters in Euroborg when leaving the field.

Fofin Turay came on as a substitute for Emeran at the start of the second half. The first chance after the break was for Abraham, who shot into a PSV defender in the short corner. After an hour of play, the Swedish goalscorer left. Leandro Bacuna and Marco Rente also left the field. Daleho Irandust, Joey Pelupessy and Thijmen Blokzijl continued to play in their place.

FC Groningen had the best chance of scoring the fifth goal of the evening with ten minutes to play. Turay gave to Määttä who thundered over again on the left. His cross found Van Veen via Johan Hove, but the striker did not score.

The Pride of the North, led by the fanatical supporters, raced for a goal in the final phase. Van Veen tried with the heel, Turay’s shot was blocked and substitute Thom van Bergen had a shooting opportunity. The striker shot hard at the fists of goalkeeper Kjell Peersman. As a result, the halftime score remained on the scoreboard and FC Groningen won 4-0.

FC Groningen will play against Helmond Sport in Helmond next Friday. The next home match is on Friday, September 29 at 8 p.m. against FC Den Bosch. Tickets for that match can be purchased via https://tickets.fcgroningen.nl.

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