Fans protest, then Valoti brings the match back to a draw

A bad Pisa in the first half is redeemed in the second half. Climate made difficult by the restrictions in the stands. At the start of the match the Curva Nord contested the conditions of the Arena, judged to be dilapidated, but also the players, inviting them to show off their attributes. In the 12th minute Como took the lead through Cutrone and Pisa felt the pinch, waking up at the end of the first half. At the beginning of the second half Valoti found the equaliser, now increasingly the team’s top scorer. Como also hits the woodwork twice, but the draw in the end is the fairest result.

The Arena Garibaldi returns to the stage, albeit with various restrictions, of the match against Como. Capacity reduced to less than 8000 spectators with the second popular sector which can contain a maximum of 945 spectators, i.e. exclusively subscribers. To try to move up the rankings, Aquilani still relies on the 3-4-2-1 with Nicolas between the posts, the three-man defense between Leverbe, Canestrelli and Beruatto, then Tramoni and Esteves on the outside with Marin and veloso in the center and Valoti more Mlakar behind Moreo. Nothing to do for Torregrossa, forced to withdraw due to a calf problem revealed yesterday by Aquilani. Only just over 5000 spectators were present, also due to the problems of the sector and a pre-sale which was only opened at the last moment, for which Pisa also had to apologize, even though they are not responsible for this situation. Before the match, a minute of silence was observed for the victims of the flood in Tuscany. The Curva Nord, once it entered the facility with a bit of delay due to pre-filtering problems, showed off two protest banners. The first concerns the Arena, addressed to the Municipality of Pisa and the company: “Dilapidated stadium: 40 euros in the stands or nothing”. Then the chorus starts: “This stadium is a shame, this stadium is a shame”. The second instead is aimed at the team: “Fuori le balls” with the accompanying chorus “We deserve more”. The fans also remember Romeo Anconetani on the anniversary of his death.

FIRST HALF – In the 3rd minute Pisa puts Semper in difficulty following a shot from Tramoni, but the referee blows his whistle for a previous offside. In the 12th minute, however, Como took the lead with Cutrone who hit Nicolas with a half bicycle kick following an assist from Verdi. Very nervous match between the two teams. Another shot from outside by Cutrone in the 29th minute ends just wide to Nicolas’ right. In the 40th minute, excellent action by Pisa with an exchange between Esteves and Marin which leads the Portuguese to put it in the middle for Valoti, but his volley ends up just high over the crossbar. In the 43rd minute Miguel Veloso sent it high over the crossbar with a free kick.

SECOND HALF – Upon returning from the locker rooms Aquilani brings on Barberis in place of Miguel Veloso. Pisa wakes up and in the 46th minute they equalize with Valoti following a through ball from Mlakar. Shortly afterwards, Mlakar himself flew down the flank, but his low cross crossed the goal line and was nothing. In the 51st minute, on a counterattack, Cutrone found the ball to gain a new lead, but his first-time right-footed shot was blocked with an open hand by Nicolas. In the 54th minute Mlakar serves Lisandru Tramoni, but his left-footed shot ends up on the outside of the net. Second substitution for Aquilani who inserts Piccinini for Marin. In the 68th minute Baselli shoots high with a left foot following a rebound from the defence. In the 70th minute Tramoni serves Valoti, but the player’s right-footed volley ends up just wide. In the 72nd minute Cutrone penetrated the area, but his lob hit the crossbar and Pisa was saved. Chaja hits another post in the 74th minute and Pisa is saved again. Aquilani brings in Vignato and Barbieri for Tramoni and Esteves. Chaja tries again, but his right-footed shot is deflected into the corner. In the 90th minute Valoti takes center stage, but shoots weakly and Semper blocks it to the ground. Aquilani’s latest change is Nagy replacing Valoti. In the 93rd minute Vignato shoots centrally and Semper blocks it to the ground.

PISA (3-4-2-1)
: Nicolas; Leverbe, Canestrelli, Beruatto; Tramoni (77′ Vignato), Esteves (77′ Barbieri), Marin (63′ Piccinini), Veloso (46′ Barberis); Valoti (91′ Nagy), Mlakar; Moreo. Available Loria, Campani, Hermannsson, Gliozzi, Vignato, Masucci, Arena, Calabresi, Barbieri. Coach Alberto Aquilani.
HOW (3-5-1-1): Always; Curto, Odenthal, Barba; Cassandro (82′ Iovine), Bellemo, Kone (62′ Baselli), Gabrielloni (54′ Da Cunha), Ioannou (82′ Sala); Verdi (62′ Chaja); Cutrone. Available Vigorito, Solini, Kerrigan, Arrigoni, Scaglia, Cerri, Vignali. Coach Moreno Longo
REFEREE: Matteo Marcenaro of the Genoa section
RARELY: 12′ Cutrone, 46′ Valoti
WARNINGS: Miguel Veloso, Lisandro Tramoni, Odenthal, Canestrelli, Barba, Bellemo
NOTE: Recovery 1′ pt, 5′ st. Attendance 6,324


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