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This Monday, Cristian castro He talked about everything with Fer Dente, from his long-distance relationship with his three children, how he misses his mother Verónica and even “the last time the sphinx came out.” He also referred to her fanaticism for Luis Miguel and explained why he doesn’t want them to be compared anymore.

During his time at Al Dente Night, the Mexican spoke about how much he misses his children, but assured that he would not change them for his life in Argentina. The musician is the father of 18-year-old Simone Candy, 16-year-old Mikhail Zaratustra (the result of his marriage to the Argentine Valeria Liberman), and 10-year-old Rafaela (the result of his romance with the Colombian Paola Erazo).

“I’m dying to see them. I thought many times about living in Miami, but I would miss Argentina. I don’t know if I would be so happy. I’ve lived there for about 10 years, I liked it, but it’s very hot. The plane scares me because of the hurricanes. The plane moves and it makes me dizzy. “I can’t anymore,” he commented.

At the moment, Cristian is not in a relationship, but he assured that he would like to have a partner. “It is needed a lot, more so now that I miss my family, my mother, a lot. She has always been tremendously warm to me, she is part of my physical and mental health. The biggest wound I have is being away from my children and choosing this place to continue paddling,” she commented.

And then he added: “I like what I am doing and I believe in this a lot, but I always have to apologize to my family for my absence. That’s the price. That pain makes me value many things, but at the same time always be in a sad mood. “I declare myself the saddest man in Buenos Aires.”

Fan of Luis Miguel and the last time “the sphinx came out on the field”

Fer Dente inquired about his Argentine romances and wanted to know if there are as many as the rumors say. Although the artist did not specify numbers, he assured: “I broke Julio Iglesias’ record.” “I say I’m not that voracious… What do you think? Can I sleep alone, do you feel like I sleep alone many nights? “He launched spicy.

“When was the last time the sphinx came out on the field?” asked Fernando, referring not only to his metal rock band, but also to the last time he had sex. “Oh, I don’t know, I don’t even remember,” the guest responded with a laugh.

In the middle of the program, Fer Dente could not ignore his historic fight with “El sol de México” and asked him what his favorite song was. “You threw the curve… Everyone knows that I die for Luis Miguel so my best song from him is A rock and roll sounded“Do you know him?” asked the artist.

“Was it him or was it the double?” the driver wanted to know. “He doesn’t want to recognize me anymore. I don’t know if he was him. I did this to him… And nothing. I sang everything to myself. (Before) we rode a jet ski together. He was passing by me and now he doesn’t want to greet me. It hurts because I am very fond of him. He is a person who has given us so much. We always hope you give us a little smile. He is so committed that perhaps that is why he does not allow himself,” Cristian responded.

The singer said that he does not like to be compared because the two are very different from each other. “He is a very committed boy. Comparing him to me is a mistake, it is unfair for Luis because his victory has been devastating and he does not compare to my victory,” he explained.

And at the end he added: “I had my triumph and I love it, but what Luis encompassed in his career was truly glorious. The texture of the voices can be compared, but we are not even from the same generation. He is from ’69 and I am from ’74. He has an impressive career, compared to mine, and here we are going, little by little.”

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