Fajah Lourens lashes out at Yvonne, deliberately says name wrong

Fajah Lourens lashes out at Yvonne Coldeweijer by deliberately calling her name wrong, while of course she knows perfectly well the juice queen’s name. “Ehh, Yvonne Coleweijer!”


It track record by Yvonne Coldeweijer is so impressive that the chance that her juice is correct is often very high. This week she posted a message about Fajah Lourens and Ruud de Wild. According to the juice queen, they were spotted being very dirty with each other in the Amsterdam W-hotel. “They were flirty with each other.”

Fajah says

Fajah stood in front of the camera yesterday RTL Boulevard, because she is already in an ice bath these days. Quite a splurge, but enough reason for the show section to send reporter Fatima Moreira de Melo there. And of course she also asked a question about Yvonne’s juice: “What do you have to say about that, Fajah Lourens?”

The protein lady then says: “Well, not that much actually. I wish I could make a really sweet story out of it, but I invited him to the ice bath, but he politely declined. I said, ‘Oh, shall I bring you a book?’ and that’s what happened.”


And then? Fajah: “Then we had a drink in the evening and since Yvonne Coleweijer (she mentions the name without ‘d’, ed.) has a whole network of spies…”

Fatima immediately notices that Fajah deliberately pronounces Yvonne’s name differently. “I think her name is different, but Yvonne. But no kissing or anything like that?”

Fajah: “No. No.”

“You’re laughing!”

It says enough that Fajah is laughing quite a bit in the meantime. “Oh, but you laugh!”

Fajah: “Hahahaha.”

Fatima: “Fajah, you’re not very good at lying.”

Fajah: “Well, I was pretty good at poker.”

‘Love is in the air’

Fatima thinks Fajah is ratting herself out. “You always laugh, that’s your style.”

Fajah then remains silent. Fatima: “Well, fine, we’ll see!”

Rob Goossens at the desk afterwards: “Love is in the air!

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