Fabíola de Andrade, drum queen of Mocidade, about leaked intimate video: “The people are sexist”

She highlighted that the leak of intimate images in 2019 is a much more difficult situation for women and that for men “it’s not bad”

Fabíola de Andrade is the new drum queen of Mocidade

Fabíola de Andrade is the new drum queen of Mocidade

Photo: Reproduction: Instagram/afabioladeandrade

Fabíola de Andrade, wife of bookmaker Rogério de Andrade, character in “Vale o Escrito”, a Globoplay documentary, and new drum queen of Padre Miguel’s Mocidade Independente, spoke about her intimate video leaked in 2019 and the machismo she suffered after the repercussion of the recording.

“It’s a very annoying situation, very embarrassing, especially for women. Men judge a lot, there are many men who say nonsense, absurd things that have nothing to do with it. It’s much more difficult for women… not for men It’s bad, I don’t know why. The desire that gives a man gives a woman too. People are sexist”, said on Instagram, responding to a follower who also had an intimate video leaked.

Who are the women who gave rise to protection laws
Who are the women who gave rise to protection laws

In 2019, Fabíola was unable to leave the house after the video was leaked because she felt very embarrassed. In the recording, she appears having sex with three of her security guards, which she has already said is a fetish for her and her husband.

In August of this year, when rumors emerged that she would become Mocidade’s drum queen, Fabíola did a live broadcast on her Instagram to talk about the subject. “I know I don’t owe anyone anything, but I did the live to clarify that it was a very private and intimate thing, mine and my husband’s. I’m sure many women have gone through this and are afraid or embarrassed to talk” , said.

She also addressed women who went through the same situation as her. “Unfortunately it was leaked, but it’s something that for me and my husband is supernatural. Everyone has a fetish, everyone has their desires. It’s something very natural and normal for many couples. I wanted to show women that they don’t have to worry about what the other person is saying,” he said.


Law 13,718/18, which is included in article 218-C of the Penal Code, criminalizes the dissemination of sex scenes without the consent of the person involved and defines the crime as “offering, exchanging, making available, transmitting, selling or exposing for sale, distributing , publish or disseminate, by any means – including through mass communication or computer or telematics systems -, photography, video or other audiovisual recording that contains a scene of rape or rape of a vulnerable person or that condones or induces its practice , or, without the victim’s consent, a sex scene, nudity or pornography.”

Exposing intimate images of third parties can result in a sentence of 1 to 5 years in prison, as well as compensation for moral and material damages to the victim.

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