Fabio De Luigi, now available on Prime Video

The new show is a format halfway between “prank show”, comedy of errors, between fiction and reality Fabio De Luigiavailable from today exclusively on Prime Video.

Amazing – Fabio De Luigi: the format

The “plot” of the format is based on a very special evening. De Luigi, in fact, has to go to Rome to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award Amazing Awards, even if the actor would do without it given how shy he is and would like to avoid embarrassing scenes.

Despite himself he decides to go to Rome and finds himself in a luxurious hotel protagonist of a night in which he will discover, together with the spectators, that the prize is a ploy for a comical and dreamlike journey among prestigious friends and unexpected surprisesup to the stage and the well-deserved statuette.

The guests and the sketches

As can be seen from the trailer, this special boasts guests from the Italian panorama of excellence. Not just great comedians and actors like Virginia Raffaele, Diego Abatantuono and the Gialappa’s Bandbut also Elio, Marco Mengoni (who will duet with one of De Luigi’s most beloved characters, Elm tree), Carlo Cracco e Iginio Massari.

“It all happens in a single evening of about 70 minutes and the common thread that ties it together is that I have to collect an award in this large Roman hotel, in which we filmed for about a week. As I’m about to go on stage, where I will give a real acceptance speech in front of a real audience, some mishaps will happen to me.”

“It’s kind of unaware reality and I had a lot of fun doing it, also thanks to the friends who participated. I was locked in a hotel for seven days, waiting to be taken from room to room or to a lounge to do things. Like entering a completely dark room to let me touch things, with Gialappa’s guiding me”, said Fabio De Luigi.

Amazing – Fabio De Luigi is available today on Prime Video.

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