F1: Las Vegas, Verstappen wins followed by Leclerc’s Ferrari

Inglourious victory for Max Verstappen in the first grand prix in which the largest motoring circus in the world returns to the capital of unbridled American entertainment. The Dutch world champion couldn’t give up fighting, in fact, he didn’t exactly win easily: he had a series of favorable circumstances, even if the Red Bull had ‘wings’ despite some damage after lap 25.

Max started from pole position and the general public at home voted Charles Leclerc as driver of the day, not by chance. A moral victory that is worth more and more these days, given that the spectators, both on the track and at a distance, are starting to no longer unconditionally appreciate Red Bull’s exaggerated moment. Tired.

Even today, considering that until the end it was feared that Leclerc would not be able to regain his position over Perez. Who was truly a ‘squid’ in his last lap: he didn’t know how to watch his back and luckily Ferrari was able to take advantage of it at the last minute, finishing second on the podium between the two ‘drinkers’.

On the other hand, this new urban track, despite having been bitterly despised by Verstappen himself, at least entertained the public thanks to some decidedly unusual features for asphalts usually reserved for cars and trucks with license plates.

Despite the infinitely bad impression on Thursday evening with the manhole cover, the subsequent too rigid application of the regulations with Sainz and the shame of the class action by the fans who in principle demand a refund for the unenjoyed viewing of the second free practice session , the new Las Vegas track really entertained in the night race due to the amount of overtaking and action both on the three straights and on the corners, which in some cases were also very wide.

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