F1 GP Las Vegas 2023: Terruzzi’s report cards

This year too, my report cards double: on Sunday, immediately after the race, in text format, and then in audio format: save the article in your favorites so you don’t lose it. And if you also want to give a vote to the Formula 1 drivers, you write in the comments of my Facebook page the report card of a pilot of your choice using the hashtag #reportcardsterruzzi!

The audio report card of the Las Vegas GP:

Here are my report cards from the Formula 1 Las Vegas GP:

Vote 10 for Leclerc. He fought hard, he had fun, he got a second place by pulling until the last braking point. He needed a Sunday, if not perfect, then comforting. And he could have also been tough on Verstappen after the finish line. Less etiquette, as Max does on the track, in fact.

Vote 9 to Ocon. One-off, he finished an attacking run without doing any nonsense. Much neglected by the direction, many turns on excellent rhythms. With the Alpine, not with the Concorde. Good boy.

One of the stages of the Las Vegas GP

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Vote 8 for Sainz. The vote is due to an absurd penalty that removed him from the front row. In the race he did everything he could but he is the symbol of the inadequacies of the entire Formula 1.

Score 7 for Stroll. Also in this case there is something to be rewarded for a Sunday on the bubble after a number of crooked months. He drove without making any mistakes, better than Fernando, so to speak. In short, a pat on the back for a boy who took a lot of slaps on the cap.

Score 6 for Piastri, Gasly and Verstappen. Oscar and Pierre led, they amazed, they paid off at the end. But, in short, both lively, within means. Oscar above all, in a place that is very unsuitable for McLaren. Max: the usual cannibal. Terrible in the audio commentary after a sensational excess of enthusiasm at the start. Very strong, of course. Friendly? Less.

Vote 5 to Perez. In some ways he had the race in his hands. In some ways he had second place in his grasp. Well done to recover then, though…Sergione remains Sergione, there’s no way. When the going gets tough, well, never overwhelming.

Sergio Perez, 3rd at the end of the Las Vegas GP

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Vote 4 to Russell and Hamilton. Missed opportunities for both, between the lustful and the abrupt full-time. With a + for George, awarded for combativeness. But, in short, both are undersized on a track where driving counts.

Voto 3 a Sargeant. We were ready to place him at the top of the report cards after the qualifying number. Instead, this blond boy evaporated into the American night. Sin. It seemed like his (only) chance.

Vote 2 to Las Vegas. Guys, don’t be dazzled. Opulence is horrifying, it’s all fluff, it’s all fake. Bellagio exists, it is on Lake Como. Rome exists, it is here. Paris too, in France. Who would ever think of reproducing Las Vegas or New York in Monza or Imola? All right, come on.

Rated 1 for Formula 1. The manhole-Sainz case is a very serious precedent. For the first time the event surpasses the race. What if Carlos had been fighting for the title? A shame. The pilots? Shut up everyone. The team principals? Silent or almost. Too bad because it was a question of principle. Boo.

Rating 0 at the FIA, of course. Also inadequate on ABC. He doesn’t check the leads, he doesn’t correct his mistakes and doubles them. A train wreck. Thus, on a permanent basis. A company like this would have been bankrupt for years. Due to congenital incapacity.

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