explosions with style to spare in a new free shooter

There have been many free to play shooters on our screens, but they have not always managed to impress us positively. The Finals seems to be among the worthy examplesbecause from the first time we tried it it proved to have everything a product needs to be successful: solid gameplay and style to spare (here is our try The Finals).

Now that the game has been surprisingly released on PC and latest generation consoles during The Game Awards 2023 ceremonywe can finally reveal to you what we have tested in preview the definitive version of The Finals.

Explosions galore

For those who have never heard of the latest effort by Embark Studiosa team that is also working on ARC Raiders (in this regard, we invite you to read ours ARC Raiders preview), it is an exclusively multiplayer fps and distributed as free to play: in short, you can download it for free on any platform. The Finals is certainly not a product that aims to revolutionize the genre it belongs to, but in its own small way try to distance yourself from the main fashions of the momentsince it is not a battle royale, an extraction or an arena shooter.

The main mode of this first-person shooter is linked to a peculiar sport of the future, which involves 4 teams made up of 3 players battling it out in a generously sized arena in order to recover large quantities of money, to be subsequently deposited at specific stations. These must be constantly defended, to avoid the loss of loot. Put that way, it might seem a mode similar to Warzone’s Lootbut we assure you that it is something completely different.

What makes The Finals special is its fast-paced gameplay: characters can move easily around the map and have the ability to destroy any building, until it is reduced to dust like in the old Battlefields (we talked about it in our special on physics in video games).

As if that wasn’t enough, the arena features many objects with which you can interact, such as propane tanks or those containing poisonous gases, which can be launched when necessary to annoy opponents or open a path. In this regard, it was really pleasant to play with a developer on the team who, evidently used to moving around the title, he had a totally different approach than ours. Our teammate, in fact, avoided any door and preferred to access buildings or rooms in an “explosive manner”. And actually it was a strategy that was not only beautiful to look at, but also useful, since creating a gap means that there is a greater chance of taking the enemy team by surprise and having those moments of advantage that they could mean the difference between life and death.

Speaking of death, this does not spell the end of the game, as teams are never permanently eliminated and can re-enter the game after a timer expires or in case a companion needs to resuscitate them. In fact, at the moment of defeat, the competitors drop a figurine to the ground: interacting with the object therefore allows us to bring the allies back to life. However, there is also the possibility of collecting the figurine and transporting it to a safe place, and then proceeding with the resuscitation without unwanted surprises.

Classes and balance

It is also different from classic shooters The Finals’ approach to loadout: the equipment must be chosen before taking to the field and we do not find the classic loot to collect around. Ammo is infinite and both skills and gadgets recharge over time. The guns themselves cannot be customized and they all have a predefined structure regarding sights, silencers and more.

However, it should be noted that the choice of objects to include in the inventory has some limitations based on the character’s build, which has a significant impact on gameplay. There are three different sizes for the warrior, which allow access to only a portion of the weapons, gadgets and skills available, not to mention that the speed of movement and the amount of health also varies. In the case of robust soldier for example, we will be able to run towards the walls and throw them down as if they were made of butter, instead the light warrior has the ability to use silenced machine guns, which facilitate stealth.

We have some small doubts about the balance, but it is impossible to delve into the question after such a short test. Due to the setting of the game, for example, we found the usefulness in battle of a sniper rifle questionable, a weapon that cannot be changed and which puts the user at a huge disadvantage in firefights, mainly in short and medium range.

A gadget that we found very fun to use is the Goo Grenadewhich upon detonation generates a large barrier of foam that can be used to create protection in front of objects, doors or windows, perhaps during the delivery phase of the loot.

Las Vegas on fire

Obviously this test allowed us to test a greater number of contents compared to those present in the Beta version of The Finals, which offered a map and a mode. During our tests, we actually had the opportunity to challenge other players to Las Vegas 2032, the second map available at launch. Again, this is a very large arena in which they find space casinos, hotels and other buildings, which can be explored easily thanks to a whole series of ducts, ziplines and cables that facilitate movement. To be honest, we found this second map even more interesting than the first and it was really fun trying to save the loot on this one. alternative version of the city.

The aspect that surprised us the most it’s about modifiers. We are not referring so much to the events that are activated in the final minutes of the match and distort the gameplay, but to those relating to the battlefield. In one of the games, for example, the entire Las Vegas 2032 was hit by a sandstorm, an event that not only modified the map from an aesthetic point of view, but also structurally, with areas completely submerged and dunes that allowed you to reach places with a better view of the roads. With modifiers like this, also introduced through post-launch support (we always remember that this is a live service game), you can also give new life to previous maps.

What hasn’t completely convinced us is the Bank It mode, which is not that far from the standard one. In this case, in fact, in addition to being able to obtain money in the classic way, it is also possible to recover large tokens dropped by eliminated enemies. In short, there are some small changes but nothing substantial and we hope that, at launch, the game will also offer some completely different mode than the main one.

An FPS that has style to spare

Moving on to the technical sector, we reiterate what was also said in the previous preview: The Finals boasts graphics in line with current productions, characterized by rather detailed models and an excellent lighting system that works very well on reflective surfaces like small puddles.

What is really surprising, however, is the stability, since it is truly impressive to see all that chaos on the screen does not have a particular impact on performance. In short, The Finals seemed to us to be a well-optimized product, which does not show any failures even when the explosions are continuous.

Graphics and frame rate aside, we must also applaud the artistic direction, which has succeeded in the difficult task of making a realistic shooter very interesting. Each character can be customized from head to toe with helmets, bracelets, sweatshirts, masks, kittens sitting on shoulders and bandoliers of all kinds. There really is something for all tastes and, although it is an accessory component, the aesthetic one is very refined and boasts a collection of very beautiful skins. It almost seems superfluous to say that the funniest aspect is dress like the rest of the allies and see the fun introduction to the teams’ match.

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