Exclusive collaboration for Dutch ticket platform XS2Event and LALIGA

The Dutch ticket platform XS2Event has entered into an exclusive partnership with the Spanish LALIGA, so that travel organizations can give fans from all over the world the opportunity to visit their favorite football club and experience an unforgettable trip. XS2Event, based in Groningen, is very proud of this collaboration, according to co-founder Jeroen Huis in ‘t Veld.

The Spanish football league LALIGA is one of the largest in the world and has a fan base that goes far beyond the Spanish borders. The clubs know this too and that is why they do everything they can to get as close to these fans as possible. And what better way to do that than ensuring that those fans can attend every match in a way that best suits their needs? To achieve this, LALIGA has entered into a partnership with XS2Event, a Dutch ticket platform that provides access to sporting events for more than 750 travel agencies in 62 countries. With a reach of more than three million people, XS2Event is the ideal partner for LALIGA.

Jeroen Huis in ‘t Veld: ‘Thanks to this collaboration, XS2Event is now the largest provider of travel to Spanish football worldwide. From large to small, from FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, to Almería and Las Palmas. Of course, I am very proud to welcome LALIGA to our platform. Because more than 750 travel agencies have already joined us, we can help LALIGA increase their global ticket sales. As a Dutch company, we operate internationally and make Spanish football more accessible to our partners and the travel agencies affiliated with us.’

Jaime Blanco, Attaché to the President at LALIGA: “Our international supporters are fundamental to LALIGA’s global growth. That is why it is very important for us to facilitate these types of experiences for them. In addition, international fans spend more than thirty percent more at our clubs than fans from Spain, making this a valuable contribution to their turnover.’

This agreement brings LALIGA EA SPORTS international fans closer to their favorite club and gives them the opportunity to attend a match. That is good for the fans and certainly also for the clubs. This project once again shows that LALIGA is committed to creating additional turnover for the clubs and increasing the fan experience.

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