Evert Santegoeds thinks Beau’s TV interview with Gordon is rubbish

Private boss Evert Santegoeds finds it laughable that Beau van Erven Dorens dares to call his meeting with Gordon an ‘interview’. “I watched in amazement.”


It is without a doubt one of the worst broadcasts that Beau van Erven Dorens has ever delivered in his career: the winter special of Casa di Beau with Gordon as main guest. The presenter receives fierce criticism for letting the entertainer deflate about the thorny affair with his ex-boyfriend Gavin Rozario without any contradiction.

Evert responds

Beau did not intervene at any time; not even when Gordon chose to portray that boy as a schizophrenic. He must have inherited that from his brother who took his own life, Goor sneered. We haven’t seen such tasteless television in a long time. The sender? The most important talk show host of RTL 4. Embarrassing.

What does Private Boss Evert Santegoeds think? The magazine maker is at loggerheads with Gordon because he published the major interview with Gavin, which has definitely changed people’s minds about Goor. “Yes, Gordon has now made his own version of that and Beau happily went along with it,” he responds in the podcast Strictly Private.

Not at home

Evert thinks it is a joke that his program Casa di Beau had. “He might as well not have been at home, because he only let Gordon speak and tell him how he experienced it. But then again, it didn’t quite work out that way. I would like to say to people: read it again.”

He continues: “That interview just tells how schizophrenic Gordon himself is and that Gavin saw a few red flags and things that happened. He fell asleep next to Gordon at The Sound of Music with jet lag. Then you can say: who doesn’t fall asleep to The Sound of Music? But Gordon got really mad about that. About things like that.”


Ridiculous, Evert thinks. “Then who is schizophrenic? And if so, who did Gordon get that from? Because according to him it is hereditary. And Beau doesn’t argue with that at all. I think it’s incredible. It is the second time in a short time that Beau has forgotten an interview. First that he has one had given to us and now that he was in the middle of it.”

Beau really should have confronted Gordon with Gavin’s revelations, Evert thinks. That did not happen, but Gordon was allowed to lash out hard at Evert: “If your mother is alive, his mother is still alive: give him a slap in the face. Real. Because he deserves that. Fierce, my mother would say.”

Slap in the face

Did Evert’s mother listen to that? “Well, it’s better than that. I was in a completely different mood last weekend, because my mother-in-law passed away and then you have to make some time for Gordon’s nonsense. That’s what I did, but other than that I don’t want to pay more attention to it than it doesn’t deserve.”

And certainly not Beau, Evert continues. “I watched in amazement. I’m sorry for him to say, but he will not earn the Sonja Barend Award with this interview. And Gordon would not have gone out of his way to take one step at a time, but that is certainly too much to ask of him.”

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