Eva (25) can be seen in ‘Over My Corpse’: ‘They were at my wedding’

She tries not to take her emotions out on others and fortunately no longer feels that anger. “I now know that this is my fate and that I have to accept it.”

‘Over my dead body’

To vent her heart, Eva shares her story on Instagram (@longeneeslijk). In her posts she writes how she is doing, what treatments she is doing and what the results of tests are. The responses to these messages are heartwarming, her followers support Eva and wish her strength. The messages also stand out in the production of Over my dead body, who contacts Eva via Instagram. “They asked if I was open to a conversation, but I didn’t know at the time whether I wanted to.”

She concludes the earlier seasons of first Over my dead body to watch. Seeing the last moments of other terminally ill young people provides a painful moment of realization. “I don’t recommend anyone to watch the episodes alone if you are terminally ill, because it gave me a panic attack. Yet it also made me realize that I really am terminally ill and will never get better. It was nice to think realistically and I liked the idea of ​​being able to help others in this way,” she says.

Shooting day

That is why Eva decides to participate in the program. Before the cameras are pointed at her, there are a number of conversations with production. Her husband is also present. “I thought it was very important that he was there, because he is of course also in the picture. Fortunately, he was very positive and supported my choice.”

A first day of shooting then follows and the production comes along with a camera and presenter Tim Hofman. “They came to school, so it was out of my own comfort zone. I was very nervous, but that is almost invisible in the episode.”

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Eva also experiences nerves on the second day of shooting, but for a completely different reason. “They came by on my wedding day. For a large part of the day I didn’t even notice they were there, although they unconsciously provided me with moments of rest,” she explains. When she is talking to production, she does not have to think about the stress surrounding her wedding.

Eva has now been followed for two years. She decides where to film. “I make a list of moments that seem interesting to me and the production then watches with me. If I prefer not to be filmed, they will never force me.” Production always comes with a permanent team. In this way, Eva quickly builds a bond with everyone. “They feel a bit like family, because I now know everyone very well. I feel very safe with them.”

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Last summer Eva suddenly took a turn for the worse. So bad that production edited part of the first two days of shooting for her. Her wedding day is also shared here. “I was sent the images via a link, but because I was so afraid that I would leak them, I didn’t dare send them to anyone else. That’s why my parents and I watched it together on the couch.”

A special moment. “My father sat next to me crying and my mother told me how proud she is of me.” Eva is relieved that she recognizes herself in the episodes. “I am there exactly as I am in real life and that feels very good to me.”


Eva is still being treated. The production will continue to follow her until the episodes air on television, or until she passes away. “It’s crazy to think that I might no longer be able to watch the episodes myself. In addition, I find it annoying for my husband when I think about everything that will happen to him at that moment,” says Eva.

Still, she is happy to be participating in the program. “If something comes up, my husband and I can always contact production and talk about it. I am very happy that I can do this and of course I hope that I can still watch the episodes myself.”

From Tuesday, January 9 at 9:40 PM, the first episode of ‘Over Mijn Lijk’ with Eva can be seen on BNNVARA on NPO 1.

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