Estevão shines, and Palmeiras debuts with a rout in the Copinha

Current two-time champion, the Palm trees debuted on São Paulo Junior Football Cupon the afternoon of this Thursday (4), with a 7-0 victory over Queimadense-PB. At Arena Barueri, Estevão (twice), Allan, Talisca, Gilberto, Riquelme and Vitor André scored the goals in the Alviverde triumph.

Thus, Verdão takes the lead in Group 24, with three points — the same score as the host Oeste, who beat União ABC-MS earlier, but ahead according to the tiebreaker criteria. The club from Paraíba, in turn, is bitter in the key.

Now, Palmeiras returns to the field next Sunday (7), when they face União ABC-MS, starting at 8 pm (Brasília time), again at Arena Barueri. Earlier, from 5:45 pm, Queimadense faces the West, in the same place.

The first goal of the match came after 12 minutes. After touching the arm of the Queimadense-PB defender inside the area, the referee signaled a penalty for Palmeiras. Estevão took the penalty and displaced the opposing goalkeeper to open the scoring in Barueri.

Four minutes later, Allan expanded for Verdão. The number 20 received a through ball from Kauan Santos, dribbled past the goalkeeper and put the ball into the goal to make it 2-0.

On the way back from the break, Estevão went to the net again at 22. After Ian’s throw, the number 10 from Palmeiras arrived with the first shot with the outside of his left foot and scored Alviverde’s third.

Four minutes later, Gilberto took a corner, and defender Vareta came in with a first-time finish to turn the victory into a rout. At 35, the right-back himself was left behind after a cut inside the area and shot hard to make it 5-0.

Finally, Riquelme, at 38, after another throwback, and Vitor André, at 45, after a corner kick, gave final numbers to Palmeiras’ 7-0 rout of Queimadense-PB in the Copinha debut.

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