Estevão scores three times, and Palmeiras is two-time Brazilian under-17 champion

O Palm trees It is two-time Brazilian under-17 champion. This Saturday (21), Verdão won the São Paulo by 3 to 0, at Arena Barueri. The three goals were scored by Stephennicknamed “Messinho” in the club’s youth categories. Alviverde had won the same title in 2022 over Guild.

The victory was born with an individual play by Estevão in the first half. With his bad leg, the right one, the boy put his foot forward to open the scoring. Without facing much danger, São Paulo was dominated by Palmeiras and in the second half saw a possible chance of a draw go down the drain.

In the final minutes, with a new individual move and again with his right foot, Estevão made it 2-0 and killed the match. There was still time for “Messinho” to sprint towards the goal and suffer a penalty. The boy himself hit hard, now left-handed, to make it 3-0 and seal the final.

In stoppage time, Estevão still received a very harsh challenge from behind Bernardo, who received a direct red card.

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