Eredivisie Pool Rounds 3&4: Top players in pursuit, matches live

Next Sunday, rounds 3 and 4 of the Eredivisie Pool at House of Billiards Weert and Centerpocket Sittard, with some great posters such as Hague 5-SPC Woensel/the Poolbrothers and Sport Pub Goes-Centerpocket Sittard.

Just like at the opening of the competition: can be followed live via KNBB YouTube

Injection for Eredivisie Pool with new sponsor Vegro

The start of the 2023-2024 Eredivisie Pool season on October 8 was a great one. Great news was announced, namely that Vegro has committed itself to pooling as a sponsor for two years, for the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 seasons. The aim of this is to give pooling in the Netherlands a significant quality boost for two years, with more exposure of pooling in the Netherlands.

This means: every round a selection of matches with commentary, at all playing locations, free and live via the YouTube channel of the KNBB. This counts for every round of play a preview, plus an extensive report after each round.

In every respect a great injection for pool billiards in the Netherlands! Possibly partly because of this, rounds 1 & 2, both in Sport Pub Goes with all teams in one place, were a true spectacle. After the opening of the season and the announcement of Vegro’s support by KNBB director Willem La Riviere, and with the beautiful setup of live streams by Jimmy Worung, the Eredivisie Pool 2023-2024 got off to a great start.

Sport Pub Goes, Centerpocket Sittard and Sonny’s Billiard Supplies in the lead; title candidates Hague 5 and SPC Woensel/the Poolbrothers in pursuit

Great, especially for the home team Sport Pub Goes! Both Hague 5, one of the title favorites, and Tilburg’s Cues & Darts from Tilburg were won. Centerpocket Sittard and Sonny’s Billiard Supplies also won their first two matches, although based on frames won (11-3 compared to 9-5 for Centerpocket Sittard and Sonny’s Billiard Supplies) the team of friends from Goes in the first place.

Due to the drive of Sport Pub Goes, one of the title favorites, the star team of Hague 5 (which became champion in 2021-2022 and second last season), suffered serious damage.

But for reigning champion SPC Woensel/the Poolbrothers (which is truly bursting with talent including the internationally renowned Mika van Berkel and Quinten Pongers, Quinten’s younger brother Yannick could not participate) the damage was even greater, with two narrow 3-4 defeats.

Result: both Hague 5 and SPC Woensel/the Poolbrothers will have to give chase this weekend! And they initially do this against each other. This beautiful clash will be shown on Sunday, November 5 at 11:00 AM from House of Billiards Weert, and can therefore be followed live via KNBB YouTube. Just like the games in Centerpocket Sittard, where on Sunday at 3 p.m. the cracker will be between the leader Sport Pub Goes and the also undefeated and home-playing Centerpocket. (Which can also put together a really great team with Jim Telfer, Rene Peeters, Sonny Haegmans, Jesse Thehu and the only woman in the first two rounds, Tamara Rademakers.)

So next Sunday there will be a double round of matches at two locations, with two matches at 11:00 a.m. in both locations and two matches at 3:00 p.m., which can be seen live for free via the YouTube channel of the KNBB.

Everything about the Eredivisie Pool 2023-2024

Information about all teams, matches and line-ups of the upcoming rounds and the past rounds) is available via Cuescore on this page. (A fixed URL)

Big names in the Eredivisie Pool 2023-2024 include Niels Feijen, Marc Bijsterbosch, Tim de Ruyter, Jan van Lierop, Ivo Aarts, Ivar Saris, Tim Jonkman, Alex Lely, and rapidly emerging talents such as Mika van Berkel, Yannick Pongers and Quinten Pongers. Foreign players also play: several Belgians (including Cliff Castelein), Germans (including Tobias Bongers) and a Frenchman (Alex Montpellier). Not all top players participate in all rounds due to international obligations – but the field of participants is nevertheless impressive.

Matches of the Eredivisie Pool 2023-2024 can not only be viewed online for free, admission on site is also free in all cases.

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