Enppi achieves its first victory in the league with a hat-trick against the National Bank

Saturday 21/October/2023 – 09:11 PM

Team achieved Enppi Victory over its counterpart, the National Bank, in the match between them in the Premier League competition.

Enppi achieves its first victory in the league at the expense of the National Bank

The events of the match between the Enppi and National Bank teams ended with the petroleum team winning by three goals to one, in the fourth round of the Premier League competition.

The Enppi team opened the scoring during the match, which was held at Petrosport Stadium, in the 29th minute through Ahmed Kalusha.

The goal came after Ahmed Kalusha succeeded in following up on the penalty kick awarded by the referee of the match in favor of the Petroleum Team, and Mohamed Abu Jabal initially blocked it before the Enppi player returned to score it against the National Bank, announcing the first goal.

The National Bank team failed to return to the match and score the first goal to equalize throughout the remainder of the first half, the events of which ended with the home team advancing by a goal without a response.

In the second half, the National Bank team succeeded in scoring its first goal during the match through Enppi defender Ahmed Sabiha, who accidentally scored the ball into his own net, to equalize for the visitors and return the match to the starting point.

In the 79th minute of the second half of the match, the referee of the match awarded a penalty kick in favor of the Enppi team, and Ziad Kamal shot it brilliantly and scored the second goal for the Petroleum Team and restored the lead for his team.

The National Bank tried to put pressure on the goal of Abdulaziz Al-Balouti, the Enppi goalkeeper, searching for its second goal to equalize, but to no avail. In the 96th minute, Modi Nasser scored Enppi’s third goal, ending the National Bank’s hopes of returning to the match again.

The events of the match ended with the victory of the Enppi team by three goals to one, so that the petroleum team achieved its first victory in the current season of the local competition since the start of the current season.

With this victory, the Enppi team raised its score of points to 4 points in twelfth place in the Premier League ranking table, while the National Bank team is in last place, eighteenth without any points, after 4 rounds of the Premier League competition.

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