Elections 2023: in reference to Javier Milei, a man went to vote with a chainsaw mask

The video went viral in the context of this Sunday’s general elections. (TikTok: @_dinosonichan)

The day of general elections This Sunday had its share of surprise when a citizen showed up at his voting center with a chainsaw mask. The images of the unusual episode went viral on social networks, turning the voter into an election day sensation. The individual, identified as @_chicodino on TikTok, carried out this peculiar action in reference to the “chainsaw plan” proposed by the presidential candidate Javier Miley.

The published video shows the voter with a chainsaw mask on his face, in a clear gesture of support for the “La Libertad Avanza” candidate. In the video, the user expressed: “When I go to vote I won’t say anything, but there will be signs.”

The “chainsaw plan,” presented during the electoral campaign, is a proposal for a drastic reduction of the State and an in-depth tax reform. The liberal candidate highlighted that the chainsaw will be the main tool to “cut excess bureaucracy” and achieve a more efficient administration of the State.

The video went viral on social networks. (Instagram: hang in there)

The video did not stop at the moment the voter entered the ballot box. Later, another clip was shared in which the same person is seen leaving the dark room with its particular appearance to place your vote in the mailbox. This act, loaded with symbolism, was interpreted in various ways by the audience and generated a wave of reactions on social networks.

Social networks were flooded with comments, memes and opinions about this unusual act. While some considered it as an expression of support for Milei, others saw it as an unprecedented eccentricity, taking it with humor.

“Who will he vote for?”, “I think he voted for Bregman”, “If it is real, they would have to challenge his vote”, “It is not a sung vote because he is a character” and “El pibe chainsaw” are some of the messages .

Election day, in which the next president of Argentina is elected, continues to develop normally, but this unusual incident left a mark on the public conversation and adds to the long list of anecdotes and unforgettable moments in the country’s politics.

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