ELECTIONS 2023: how to CUT BALLOT so as not to annul the vote?

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This Sunday, October 22, the elections generalwhere Argentines will vote who will be the next president and vice president, in addition to deputies, senators in the National Congress and other positions.

As happened in the PASO, many people will opt for the ballot cutting to elect representatives of different parties. For that, we must remember that The cut must be made vertical wayfollowing the dotted lines that divide the different electoral categories.

If the ballot that is placed in the envelope is not properly cut, the vote may be annulled by the table authorities.

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Elections 2023: how to cut the ballot so as not to annul the vote?

He ballot cutting allows candidates from different political parties to be selected in each category, which means that A voter may choose a presidential candidate from one party, a governor from another, and a mayor from another, for example.

Each political party presents multiple lists of candidates to compete in the same category. This gives the voter the opportunity to Select one of these lists and mix it according to your preference with options from other categories, even if they belong to different parties.

However, it is worth clarifying that if he voter elect more than one ballot from different party lists for the same category, the vote is automatically canceled.

Elections 2023: how to cut the ballot so as not to annul the vote?

For example, if the voter placed on the envelope the two lists of presidential candidates of the same party, his vote is annulled.

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How to cut ballot in these 2023 Elections?

When you go to cut ticket It is of utmost importance that you put in the envelope the ballot from a single list per category. Otherwise, the vote will be annulled. That is to say, You can vote for the presidential candidate of party A and the gubernatorial candidate of party B.

Furthermore, the ballot cutting must be done neatly, either manually or with scissors, since in those envelopes in which the paper is damaged or has defects that don’t let him see party namethe category of positions to choose or the list number, They are considered null.

Elections 2023: consult the electoral roll

All Argentines They will be able to check where they vote in the 2023 general elections, through the website of the electoral pattern:

  • Enter the website of the National Electoral Justice.
  • Put the number of DAYS y gender.
  • Then, the site will indicate the location where you vote, schoolthe mesahe circuit and the section.

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