Egyptian newspapers: President Sisi congratulates Egyptian Copts abroad on the occasion of Christmas

Egyptian newspapers published on Saturday morning covered a number of important issues and topics, most notably: President Sisi congratulates Egyptian Copts abroad on the occasion of Christmas.

the seventh day

In its print issue issued tomorrow, Saturday, “Youm 7” publishes many important issues and files, in the forefront of which is: President Sisi congratulates the Copts of Egypt abroad on the occasion of Christmas.. The Evangelical community celebrates the holiday in the church of Qasr Al-Doubara.. and “Zaki”: We live in joy. Birth in the midst of global crises.

President Sisi congratulates Egyptian Copts abroad on the occasion of Christmas. The Evangelical community celebrates the holiday in the Doubara Palace Church. And Zaki: We live the joy of Christmas amid global crises.

Andre Zaki: The people set the most wonderful examples of democracy and national awareness during the presidential elections… and we stand behind the state to defend the Palestinian cause.

Dr. Andre Zaki, head of the Evangelical community, in an exclusive interview with “The Seventh Day”: The church building law enhances the concept of citizenship.

“Supply” intensifies supervision over markets to follow up on the implementation of the decision to write prices on goods

– Beginning the supply of 100,000 tons of cane and producing 7,000 tons of sugar

– 40 billion pounds, the cost of supporting the fertilizer system

International praise for Egypt’s success in eliminating “virus C.”

The Egyptian national team concludes its preparations to face Tanzania

“Media Production” opens its doors to film foreign films… a 20% discount on the value of filming expenses outside the city and 30% within it.

The numbers document the crimes of the occupation in Gaza… 1876 massacre against the Palestinians, 30 thousand martyrs and missing persons.


Tomorrow’s Al-Watan issue will read new topics and issues from different points of view on local and international affairs, and the most prominent headlines:

– “Tel Aviv” lied when it killed the settlers attending the music concert on October 7 and accused the resistance… in allegations of beheading children, burning them, and raping women.

– “Fahmy”: Netanyahu’s statements about the Philadelphia Corridor to appease the far-right crowd

– “Al-Harazin”: The Zionist entity fabricated dozens of lies to gain global sympathy

– Parliament 2024 Legislation to ease citizens’ burdens

– Draft laws before the Council include “labor, local affairs, and personal status”

– “Omar”: “Budget 2024” includes positive indicators… and social legislation to support low-income people and increase support.

– As a result of the national dialogue sessions, the Implementation Department introduces amendments to enhance social protection and increase wages

– “Abed”: Legislation targets the citizen first… and supports people of determination, women, and children by increasing the penalty for harassment against them.

– “Al-Sisi” congratulates the Copts on Christmas, and Pope Tawadros presides over the mass tonight

– The Evangelical community celebrates “the birth of Christ” in “Qasr Al-Dubara”.. and Pastor Andre Zaki: We stand behind the Egyptian state, which steadfastly defends the historical rights of the Palestinian people


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