Egypt Group: The Pyramids star leads Burkina Faso against Guinea Bissau in the qualifiers

Hubert Velaud, the coach of the Burkina Faso national team, announced the starting lineup for the match against its counterpart, Guinea Bissau, which is scheduled to be held at nine o’clock in the evening today, Friday, in the first round of the first group of the tournament. Africa qualifiers Qualifying for the 2026 World Cup in America, Canada and Mexico.

Burkina Faso’s lineup included the presence of Pyramids midfielder Platy Toure, in addition to Dango Ouattara, the English Bournemouth striker, and Bertrand Traore, the Aston Villa striker, loaned to Istanbul Basaksehir, Turkey.

The formation of the Burkina Faso national team was as follows:

Goalkeeper: Hervé Kofi.

Defensive line: Issa Kabore, Issoufou Dayo, Abdirazzaq Gebre, Adamu Nagalo.

Midfield: Ismahela, Draogo, Blatti Toure, Gustavo Sanjari.

Offensive line: Dango Ouattara, Mohamed Konate, Bertrand Traoré.

Formation of the Burkina Faso national team

The teams of Burkina Faso and Guinea Bissau are competing in the first group of World Cup qualifiers, which includes alongside them the Egyptian team, in addition to the Sierra Leone team and the Ethiopian team.

The Egyptian national team leads the standings of the first group of African qualifiers for the finals of the upcoming 2026 World Cup in the United States of America.

The group arrangement was as follows : 1) Egypt national team.. 3 points – 2 ) Ethiopia national team.. one point – 3 ) Sierra Leone national team.. one point – 4) Burkina Faso national team… without points – 5 ) Guinea-Bissau national team… without points – 6) Djibouti national team… without points.

The Egyptian national team achieved a broad victory against Djibouti, with six unanswered goals, in the match that brought them together on Thursday evening, at Cairo Stadium, as part of the first round of qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, from the first group on the African continent.

It is scheduled that 9 teams will qualify directly for the 2026 World Cup, after increasing the number of teams in the new tournament system, which will include 48 teams instead of 32 in previous editions of the World Cup..

From the qualifiers, 9 teams will qualify directly to the World Cup, and they are the leaders in all groups, provided that 4 teams with the best seconds in each group will qualify for the playoff, where two teams will face off in the semi-finals and then the final, so that an additional team from the African continent qualifies for the global playoff, in addition to The 9 teams that qualify directly for the 2026 World Cup.

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