Effie Awards: gold for Hertog Jan, Joe Public hit 3 times

The initiators of the Effie Awards, trade associations VIA and BvA, look back on a festive fortieth edition, in which 13 prizes were awarded for achieving exceptional marketing results. In addition to the Golden Effie, two Silver Effie Awards and ten Bronze Effies were awarded.

Hertog Jan’s campaign was the only one to receive a Golden Effie in the Long Behavior category. The Effie jury unanimously agreed that ‘the brand is widely reflected in a razor-sharp strategy and a powerful multi-year campaign, culminating in phenomenal customer experiences around exclusive specialty beers such as Grand Prestige.’

Social Plus

For the first time this year, in addition to the Effie, people could be eligible for a Social Plus. It is an honorable mention for social impact. The Plus has been distributed to De Baak, Schoonenberg and Marktplaats. De Baak touched on an important social theme about the growing pressure from the performance society and Marktplaats has been rewarded for the impactful approach that puts the themes of sustainability and equality of opportunity on the agenda. Schoonenberg’s campaign linked commercial success with social impact, with an eye for diversity and inclusivity.

Jury trial

The jury members, including representatives of agencies and advertisers as well as independent members, have assessed the cases in recent weeks based on the assessment criteria that apply per category. From the selection of the professional juries, the jury of the Maatschappelijke Plus looked at which of the awarded cases could receive an extra Plus on their Effie. The main jury, consisting of main jury chairman Alfred Levi, independent main jury member Hans Middelhoek and the chairmen of the seven sub-juries, then selected the final winners. Middelhoek: ‘The jury did not make any hasty decisions. The cases have been turned inside out. Sometimes additional questions were asked to remove any doubt. This has resulted in a number of fantastic and deserved winners.’



How Hertog Jan grew into the #1 beer brand in the Netherlands

Advertiser: Hertog Jan

Bureau(s): The Valley, Osborne Pike, Hagens PR, SiteSupport,

Dentsu Creative Amsterdam (social & entertainment), Publicis Groupe NL

Category: Behavior Long


De Baak provides space for personal development and leadership

Advertiser: De Baak

Agency(s): Springbok, Blauw Research, Wavemaker Nederland

Category: Brand

+ Social Plus

Ohra wins the healthcare season with doomsday scenarios and avatars

Advertiser: Ohra

Bureau(s): Joe Public Take-Away Advertising, Holy Fools, Colorbleed

Category: Behavior Short


Back from never being away. The Volkswagen ID. Buzz

Advertiser: Pon Automotive Netherlands

Bureau(s): dentsu creative

Category: Successful Introduction

Monday®: How fresh energy makes the difference in the battle for talent

Advertiser: Monday®

Bureau(s): New Era Consultancy, Dept®

Categorie: Branded Customer Experience

Closer to Vermeer

Advertiser: Rijksmuseum

Bureau(s): Irma Boom Office, Part of a Bigger Plan

Category: Successful Introduction

Cordaan Talks: the success of a candid conversation

Advertiser: Cordaan

Bureau(s): Café Society, Ministry of Frames, Savvy

Category: Behavior Long

Bridgefund. Make Money Smile

Advertiser: Bridgefund

Office(s): This is not an office, De Mediaboerderij

Category: Behavior Long

Generation D

Advertiser: Ministry of Defence

Bureau(s): SteamTalmark, Radancy, Initiative Media

Category: Behavior Long

Hear like you’ve never seen before

Advertiser: Schoonenberg

Agency(s): Indie Amsterdam, UM, Yonego, Social.Inc, De Creative Directie, 2twintig PR, Saskia Geleedts

Category: Brand

+ Social Plus

From toys to play better

Advertiser: Marktplaats

Agency(s): Happiness Amsterdam, EssenceMediacom, Abovo Maxlead, Bijl PR, Higuita

Category: Behavior Short

+ Social Plus

Everyone is happy with the One4all gift card

Advertiser: Blackhawk Network

Bureau(s): Joe Public Take-Away Advertising, Wavemaker, Team5pm

Category: Behavior Short

Help, I want a bestseller!

Advertiser: Kluun

Agency(s): Joe Public Take-Away Advertising, New Book Collective, Ruth Bergmans Promotion and Publicity, Harminke Medendorp, Moker Ontwerp, NXTLI

Category: Successful Introduction

Photo: main photo above Bart van der Putten


Drinks beforehand in Circa Amsterdam

Effie presentation and excellent vegetarian meal during the ceremony
(photo’s PvWK)

After five years, Alfred Levi hands over the Effie gavel to Conny Braams
(photo: W.-A. Bol)

Case description Effie Goud for Hertog Jan

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