Edoardo Santini, elected the most handsome in Italy, enters the seminary to become a priest

Edoardo Santini, a 21-year-old model elected “The most handsome in Italy” in 2019, has entered the seminary to begin the path that will allow him to become a priest.

Edoardo Santini21 year old model elected in 2019 “The most beautiful in Italy”, has decided to close with the world of fashion and catwalks. Chasing a desire that he finally decided to indulge, Santini entered the seminary to begin the path that will allow him to become a priest. Originally from Castelfiorentino, Edoardo had begun working in the world of fashion since winning that prestigious band. But to embrace his spiritual path, he agreed to abandon all dreams of glory and leave the profession to which he had committed himself, a profession that he will only partially keep but which he will cultivate in a different way.

Edoardo Santini: “I put aside dancing and acting”

Interviewed by The nationSantini said he had entered the “Propaedeutic Time”, the period that officially precedes entry into the seminary: “I have put aside my work as a model, acting and dancing because yes inevitably entails no, even if I don’t abandon everything because those worlds are part of me, but I will live them and propose them in different contexts. I asked the bishop the question and here I am studying theology and serving in two parishes in the Florentine diocese”. Santini still doesn’t know if this path will ultimately lead him to become a priest: “I don’t know, I’m here to find out. I took that step that terrified me, that prevented me from being fully myself, ready in case to say: ‘No, I was wrong’. What I am certain of, however, is that I will not regret this trip, because now I can shout: I am Edoardo, 21 years old and I am happy.”.

Edoardo Santini and the discovery of his vocation

Edoardo said he discovered his vocation thanks to a lucky meeting: “At 21 my father made the decision to marry my mother because she had become pregnant. My mother became a mother at the age of 21 while I find myself on the path to becoming, God willing, a priest. In recent years I have had the opportunity to meet some young people who, by showing me what it means to be a church, have given me the strength to investigate this question that I have carried with me since I was little, but which various fears prevented me from exploring further.”. After that meeting, the model began a cohabitation with two priestsa period that pushed him to completely reconsider his life path:

I went to live with two priests and that was the most beautiful experience of my life, an experience that allowed me to meet brothers and in everyday life that response that I was waiting for to come down from above. At the end of the year it was natural for me to ask the bishop to enter the preparatory year preceding the seminar.

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