EAOTPS students set up an exhibition installation that combines embroidery and woodcut techniques, in honor of the Master of Culture João Pedro de Juazeiro

November 16, 2023 – 11:53

The exhibition will be part of an arts and crafts show that will be launched in December

Students from the Thomaz Pompeu Sobrinho School of Arts and Crafts (EAOTPS) are finishing classes in the Embroidery and Sewing Initiation Course with the assembly of an exhibition installation in honor of the woodcutter, engraver and cordelist João Pedro de Juazeiro. The exhibition will feature 17 fabric panels, bringing together embroidery and woodcut techniques, with interventions by students in printed arts created by João Pedro. The exhibition, which will be curated by embroiderer and professor Iara Reis, will feature the participation of 15 embroidery students. The panels will be part of the II Mostra Making Arts, Learning Crafts, an event that will present the results of all courses and projects carried out by EAOTPS in 2023, bringing together artistic works in the areas of Engraving, Artisanal Silverware and Embroidery, as well as works restored by ) Conservation and Restoration students. The Sample will be launched in the first half of December, with a date to be scheduled.

About João Pedro de Juazeiro:

Born in Ipaumirim, in 1964, João Pedro de Juazeiro was raised in the city of Juazeiro do Norte. He began in the field of arts first as a poet-cordelist and has been working with woodcuts for around 25 years. In 2019 he was recognized as Master of Culture in Woodcut and Cordel Literature by the State Secretariat of Culture (Secult / CE). His works are inspired by aspects of popular imagination, cultural roots and religiosity.


The Thomaz Pompeu Sobrinho School of Arts and Crafts is part of the Public Cultural Equipment Network of the Secretariat of Culture of Ceará, managed in partnership with the Dragão do Mar Institute. SERVICE – MAKING AND ASSEMBLY OF THE EMBROIDERY AND WOODBOARD EXHIBITION IN HOMAGE TO JOÃO PEDRO FROM JUAZEIRO

Date: Mondays and Thursdays, from 2pm to 5pm (until 04/12).
Location: Headquarters of the Thomaz Pompeu Sobrinho School of Arts and Crafts – Av. Francisco Sá, 1801 Jacarecanga

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