‘Dutchman infected Iranian nuclear factory with Stuxnet’

The Stuxnet attack on the computer network of an Iranian uranium factory in 2007 was carried out by a Dutch engineer. It was previously known that the Dutch intelligence service AIVD was involved, but it now appears that the installation of Stuxnet was not done by an Iranian but a Dutch infiltrator. Also, Stuxnet most likely did not enter via a USB stick, but via an infiltrated water pump.

De Volkskrant writes this in an extensive manner analysis with new informationmatie. The engineer Erik van Sabben, who was recruited by the AIVD, was probably not aware of the details of his act. But he cannot live to tell the story: he died under suspicious circumstances in a motorcycle accident in Dubai two years after the action.

Striking: the Dutch government and the intelligence service AIVD were not aware of the role of the Dutch engineer. They would not have realized that he was the one who would actually plant the advanced computer worm in Iran’s nuclear weapons development system. With this, the Americans and Israelis would have put the Netherlands under their control and committed a war crime, sources from The Hague suggest in the newspaper.


Stuxnet, which was developed at a cost of more than a billion dollars by the American and Israeli security services, caused the centrifuges in the Iranian uranium plant to fail. zich kapot turned. This would have caused the nuclear program to be delayed for years.

According to the Volkskrant reconstruction, it is unclear whether the then Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende was aware of the action. Balkenende also does not want to respond to the information.

It is no coincidence that De Volkskrant is releasing the new details today. The documentary series ‘Nobody who sees it’ about the Dutch contribution to the Stuxnet operation starts tonight on NPO 2. The TV series in which Volkskrant editor Huib Modderkolk, who also wrote the reconstruction, contributed, can also be seen on NPO Start.

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