Dtv News – Relief among long covid patients after new research: ‘It’s not in your head’

Dutch researchers have shown that long-covid has a physical cause and is therefore not supposedly in our head. A big relief for 73-year-old Marie-Therese Janssen from Oss, who had to deal with this for a long time. She sees it as recognition for her complaints.

The researchers from Amsterdam UMC and the Vrije Universiteit have compared muscle tissue from people with and without long Covid. According to Alfons Olde Loohuis, former general practitioner in Herpen, the results are of great importance. “Because it shows that people with a post-infectious condition, such as Covid in this case, can experience extreme muscle pain after exertion and that very major changes are also visible, such as muscles that break down or become mush. That explains the complaints that they sometimes suffer for a week or a month after exertion.”

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Janssen no longer has any complaints, but during the period when she had long Covid, she noticed that there was a lot of misunderstanding. “Aren’t you better yet?” and “Can’t you move on yet?” were questions she often heard. Olde Loohuis recognizes the misunderstanding, he supports 28,000 patients with long Covid for C-support. “You often hear people think that it is all in their head.”

The study was made public last Thursday, but the results date back to March last year. We were waiting for a publication in a scientific journal. This is a well-known method within the medical world. The research was published on Thursday by the well-known journal Nature. Janssen finds it surprising that the document has been on the shelf for so long: “They should not have waited with that. So many people in the Netherlands have been duped by this that you should have simply offered it last year,” she says.


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