Discus thrower Lancellotti in Germany? Sangiuliano ready at the barricades: They will have to pass over my body

in photo Gennaro Sangiuliano (Imagoeconomica)

“In Italy we are at such a level of political controversy that on social media there is someone who, in order to attack Government Minister Meloni, is on Hitler’s side. We have come to this, that they are pro-Hitler in order to attack a centre-right government.” This was said by the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano, who spoke on the first day of Il Riformista in progress in Naples, speaking about the case of Discobolus Lancellotti.

The reference is to the news reported today by Il Corriere della Sera, according to which the leaders of the Glyptothek of Munich have asked to get back the Lancellotti Discobolus, a Roman marble copy from the 2nd century AD of the famous bronze of Myron. The work, preserved in the Palazzo Massimo headquarters of the National Roman Museum, was sold to Nazi Germany in 1938 and then returned to Italy in 1948.

“The Lancellotti discus thrower – explained Sangiuliano – was in my opinion fraudulently acquired by Hitler, who paid but the family was forced to give in. Then it ended up in Germany and then luckily the Americans brought it back to Italy in 1948, along with other goods. Now an obscure museum director I don’t know from Bavaria is demanding the return of the Lancellotti discus thrower. I said they will have to go over my body.”

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