Dino says that creating the Ministry of Public Security is not a priority and rules out federal intervention in Rio

The minister of Justice and Public Security, Flavio Dinocountered, this Wednesday (25), the possibility of creating the Ministry of Public Security and ruled out the possibility of federal intervention in public security in the Rio de Janeiro or the use of the Armed Forces in the state.

Dino stated this in an interview with journalists upon arrival at a hearing at the Inspection and Control Committee of the Chamber of Deputies.

“This debate is decades old. The Ministry of Justice is 201 years old. In these 201 years, in 200 years it was integrated and in 1 year there was this separation. My technical position is well known. President Lula has not touched on this subject yet. I imagine he thinks about this. Other experts defend it, but, in my opinion, it is not a priority at the moment”, said the minister.

This statement refutes the statement that the president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) He gave a Live “Conversation with the President”, this Tuesday (24), about considering creating a new department for Public Security.

“When I ran the campaign, I was going to create the Ministry of Public Security. I’m still thinking about creating, what the conditions are, how it will interact with the issue of state security because the security problem is statewide. What we want is to share solutions to problems with the States,” said Lula.

Dino said that what is currently under discussion is the intensification of actions in the state of Rio de Janeiro together with federative coordination, without federal intervention.

“We are not going to replace the State because that would be unconstitutional […] Our path at this moment is to carry out federative coordination, that is, to implement what is in the law, the Unified Public Security System, in which the State exercises its powers with its police officers and the federal government assists”, he said.

Dino also stated that militias have been a problem for decades in the State and that one of the biggest political mistakes he saw in Rio de Janeiro “was the encouragement of militias”.

Presence on committees

Dino’s presence on the Chamber’s Oversight and Control Committee comes after the minister missed House committee hearings twice in a row.

The last one took place on Tuesday (24), at the Public Security and Combating Organized Crime Commission. The minister alleged threats and personal attacks from members of the collegiate to justify his absence.

Before the start of this Wednesday’s session, the president of the Inspection and Control Commission committee, deputy Bia Cicis (PL-DF) asked that there be an atmosphere of “civility” during the public hearing.

“We will exercise our fundamental role of monitoring. Opposition deputies won’t throw flowers at the minister, but they won’t throw stones either. We will avoid swearing, but you can ask anything you want and the minister is here to answer. I ask for the goodwill of my colleagues”, stated Kicis.

Still, there was a lot of turmoil throughout the session, with arguments between deputies and interruptions in the minister’s speech.

The minister was called to speak about several issues related to security, and opposition deputies took the opportunity to question Dino about the images from the Ministry of Justice’s security cameras on the day of the January 8 attacks.

Another issue discussed in the commission was the minister’s trip to Complexo da Maré, in Rio, in March. Dino once again denied any connection with drug trafficking and stated that the visit took place to take care of security issues.

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