Dennis Bergkamp’s world goal against Argentina immortalized on a bill in Haarlem

Almost everyone remembers that masterful goal by Dennis Bergkamp during the 1998 World Cup quarter-final against Argentina. The assumption, the cutting movement and then the shot into the goal. And of course the outrageous commentary from Jack van Gelder. From tomorrow, the goal and the commentary will be for sale as a banknote, made in Haarlem.

Printing company Royal Joh. Enschede is responsible for the production of the banknote. “It was originally an initiative of the company The Global Note,” says Marcel Klok from Joh. Enschede. “This year marks the 25th anniversary of Bergkamp’s unique goal. That is why they wanted to have a kind of tribute to that goal and to Bergkamp’s career. It is the very first time that we have printed a note for an athlete.”

Dennis Bergkamp note, front – Photo: Koninklijke Joh. Enschede/The Global Note

Former footballer Dennis Bergkamp, ​​who prefers to receive as little publicity as possible, has been in the spotlight these months. “In addition to the note, he also gives three extensive interviews to a national newspaper and his autobiography will soon be published,” says Klok. All in all, the publicity campaign surrounding Bergkamp is running at full speed.

The note can be purchased online from tomorrow for 24.95 euros. “25,000 of them were made and we also made gold notes of the goal. These are of course a bit more expensive. Both will be presented tomorrow at the Millionaires Fair in the RAI in Amsterdam. The KNVB and representatives of Ajax (Bergkamp’s old club ) are also present,” says Klok.

Jack van Gelder also on the banknote

You cannot pay with the note. “But it is made exactly the same as we made the euro banknotes. So, for example, with the same security features,” says Klok. Jack van Gelder’s radio commentary is also written out in full on the note. By scanning a QR code, Bergkamp then explains on your phone how he experienced the goal and what it meant to him.

Dennis Bergkamp note, back – Photo: Koninklijke Joh. Enschede/The Global Note

It is not the first time that the Haarlem printing company has depicted a famous Dutch person on a banknote. “We also did it with Nick and Simon. That was a tenner. The proceeds went to the Epilepsy Fund. With Dennis Bergkamp there is no similar charity linked to it, except that part of the proceeds goes to his former club Arsenal “He then invests the money in youth training,” Klok explains.


Next year Joh. Enschede, a banknote from André Hazes. “It will have been twenty years since he passed away. Then Hazes will sing a song for you on your phone in ‘augmented reality’ and you can take a virtual photo with him one last time.”

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