delays at Schiphol, lowest gas price in months

Wind turbines off the coast of New Brighton, north-west England. The storm hit this region heavily

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Schiphol is expecting delays for the rest of the day in the aftermath of storm Isha. A spokesperson for the airport speaks of a domino effect. “Because flights arrived delayed this morning, they are now also departing with a delay.”

According to Schiphol, the strong wind earlier today meant that pilots needed more time for their landing. This meant that fewer flights could depart per hour, which now affects the rest of the flight schedule. Yesterday, 130 flights were canceled as a precaution. Schiphol hopes that the delays will decrease during the day.

In the Netherlands, some regions had code orange for heavy gusts of wind until 8:30 am. Wind gusts of up to 110 kilometers per hour were measured. There were eventually fewer notifications made of damage than expected.

Reduced gas price

Storm Isha did contribute to a reduced gas price. As the storm significantly boosted wind energy production, European gas prices reached their lowest level in the past six months. Due to the increased wind energy, gas-fired power stations need to generate less electricity. In addition, the storm brought unusual heat for this time of year, which reduced demand for gas.

According to data from Bloomberg news agency, the Scandinavian countries’ wind energy production rose to a new record level thanks to the storm.

Storm Isha hit the UK more nuisance than in the Netherlands. An 84-year-old man was killed in an accident in Scotland last night when his car crashed into a fallen tree.

A man died in his car near Londonderry, Northern Ireland, when a tree fell on it. In Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, someone was injured by blown debris. It is unknown what condition she is in. At the height of the storm, 53,000 people in Northern Ireland were without power.

There was a lot of rage in the Irish coastal areas:

Strong gusts of wind in coastal Ireland due to storm Isha

In Ireland, 235,000 homes and businesses suffered power outages. In Galway, a city in western Ireland, the top of a clock tower was blown off.

Another new storm is expected to arrive in the UK tomorrow: Jocelyn. According to Sky News, Jocelyn will mainly live in Ireland and to a lesser extent in Great Britain.

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