Death of Canserbero | How Canserbero died | Natalia Améstica and Carlos Molnar

Canserbero died on January 20, 2015 - credit elcanserbero/Instagram
Canserbero died on January 20, 2015 – credit elcanserbero/Instagram

Last Thursday, November 23, the Attorney General of Venezuela, Tarek William Saabordered the exhumation of the body of the rapper and composer Tirone Jose Gonzalez Orama, internationally known as Cancerbero; This in order to clarify the true causes of his death, which until recently was believed to have been the result of suicide, after having murdered his partner. Carlos Molnar.

However, after his departure in 2015, family and friends of the popular ‘Can’ have been demanding a new investigation into the case, since they consider it unlikely that someone with the talent and ambition of Tirone could have ended the life of his best friend, and then ended his own.

The action took place in Metropolitan Cemetery of Maracay, in the State of Aragua (Venezuela), where the remains of the author of “Jeremías 12-5” rest, one of the most popular songs that marked the musical career. At the scene, a group of forensic pathologists and medical assistants from the National Prosecutor’s Office 85 They unearthed Tirone, eight years after his death.

File image of Attorney General of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab.  EFE/ Rayner Pena R
File image of Attorney General of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab. EFE/ Rayner Pena R

One of the main reasons why prosecutor William Saab ordered a new analysis of the body was at the request of the relatives, since the only autopsy that was performed His post-mortem body was done by a doctor, a very close friend of Natalia Améstica, partner of the deceased Carlos Molnar. For the authorities, Natalia is one of the main people investigated in this reopened case.

Carlos and Natalia They were the only two people next to Canserbero on the day of his suicide. Both were a couple, but separately, Molnar was the rapper’s producer and best friend, and Améstica was his manager.


More than one theory has been woven around this case. For him Public ministry At that time, the rapper’s death occurred as a suicide, after having murdered his best friend, Carlos Molnar, with 14 stab wounds.

The chronology indicated by the prosecution indicates that on January 20, 2015, Tiro arrived at the department Molnar, who lived on the tenth floor of the Camino Real building, located in the Andrés Bello urbanization. Canserbero was invited to his daughter’s birthday, so he would have attended without pretexts.

The tax report, which the press gained accessclaims that the rapper fell asleep and a few hours later woke up and started an argument with Molnar, where he ended up stabbing him 14 times. After murdering him, he would have made the decision to end his life by jumping into the abyss through the kitchen window of the apartment.

During the discussion, Natalia He locked himself in the bathroom of his room to take refuge and call 911. This statement was made known by her brother, Guillermo Améstica, just a few hours after the unfortunate event. After hearing no noise outside, the woman went outside and found the crime scene.

Canserbero: What exactly happened that tragic day when you lost your life?  (Composition: Infobae Peru).
Canserbero: What exactly happened that tragic day when you lost your life? (Composition: Infobae Peru).

Versions complementary to those declared before the prosecution claim that, after waking up from sleep, Tirone began to speak incoherently and alerted Carlos, so he entered the room where his partner, Natalia, was, and at that moment she decided to investigate on the internet why he acted that way, concluding that the rapper had mental problems. Molnar asked him to lock himself in and the rest is history.

Although the death had not been fully clarified, Natalia and her daughter left Venezuela to take refuge in Chile. This event occurred in the middle of a discovery of the casewhich indicated that a good friend of the woman was in charge of performing the autopsy of the interpreter and determined what was previously announced.

After the exhumation of Canserbero’s bodythe attorney general gave a press conference in which he warned of a lack of clarity during the only autopsy carried out and listed a series of hypotheses that would end up dismantling the theory of an alleged suicide and, on the contrary, would indicate a possible murder of the rapper.

Tirone José González Orama was one of the most representative rappers of Venezuela - credit elcanserbero/Instagram
Tirone José González Orama was one of the most representative rappers of Venezuela – credit elcanserbero/Instagram

“On my part there was not only the question that the investigations were carried out in a weak and deficient manner, and that a series of procedures had to be carried out that were never carried out. I want to highlight this,” said Prosecutor Tarek William.

  • There were no traces of Molnar’s blood on Canserbero’s body. The first hypothesis that rules out the murder of Molnar at the hands of Tirone is that no fluids from his best friend were found in the latter’s body, which is why the prosecution questions, how do you stab someone to death without leaving stains on them? your body?
  • 17 stab wounds were found on Molnar’s body. It had previously been noted that the Public Ministry found 14 wounds made with sharp objects on Carlos’ body, however, the exhumation of his remains, which was carried out at the same time as Canserbero, determined that there were 17 cuts in total.
  • Canserbero’s body had four puncture wounds. The Prosecutor’s Office questioned, if Canserbero had committed suicide, why four deep wounds made with sharp objects were found on his body and why in 2015 these were not found in the records of his first autopsy.
  • A birthday party without the birthday girl? On the day of her death, Canserbero went to Carlos’s house to celebrate her daughter’s birthday; However, on the day of the fatal outcome there were only three people in the apartment: Tirone, Carlos and Natalia. How would a birthday be celebrated without the birthday girl?
  • Natalia did not call 911. The woman’s statement that year indicated that it was she who called the authorities to alert her of the murder of her partner Carlos de her; However, the Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that it was another person, apparently a man, who notified the police when he found Canserbero dead.
  • They did not carry out an investigation of the path of the fall. On the day of the fatal event, the Public Ministry personnel did not inspect the area where Tirone fell. One theory could even confirm that the singer’s body was moved from the place before the authorities arrived.

With these new hypotheses, the Attorney General hopes to clarify the mystery surrounding the death of the popular Venezuelan rapper. For now, Natalia and her brother will be charged in this investigation. “There was absolute negligence on the part of the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the time, which had the ability to promote this line of investigation, this diligence,” lamented prosecutor William.

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