Dean Huijsen, who is the Juventus defender who made his debut against Milan

TORINODean Huijsen he chose the main gate to make his debut in Italian football. The Dutch defender born in 2005 entered the field in the 78th minute Milan-Juventus at San Siro: he joined the list of players who passed between Vinovo and Continassa before being launched into the first team by Allegri. Partly by choice, but also by necessity, given the absences of Danilo e Alex Sandro. The opportunity presented itself when Gatti he started to feel tired. Allegri, who has never hidden his weakness for the long Oranje centre-back, called him after the warm-up: a caress to ruffle his hair to encourage him and to clear his head of worries and pressure.

Huijsen figlio d’arte

Always relying on the considerations of the coach from Livorno, serenity and tranquility are Huijsen’s main qualities, combined with a top-notch technique and an elegance in his movements that never hurts. He arrived in Italy at Juventus in 2021 from Malaga: despite being born in Amsterdam, he followed the padre Donny, former footballer, in Marbella, where he grew up playing for Costa Unida, before moving on to Malaga. 193 centimeters tall, excellent time in insertions which leads him to often score with his head, also good at taking penalties, Huijsen is continuing his climb to professional football, which began in Spain almost always anticipating the reference category by a couple of years. Even today, at the age of 18, he made his debut in Serie A, placing himself on the center-left of Allegri’s three-man defensive line, with Rugani in the center e Bremer diverted to the center-right.

Huijsen, a talent ready to blossom

Yet the start of the season was not the best, especially in Next Gen where performances did not live up to expectations. “Huijsen had a bit of a difficult time but now he is ready to play” Allegri anticipated on the eve of the game, underlining the complicated period of the young defender but also the confidence that has never been lacking. Juventus, focusing on him, tried to build the future of their defense at home: some time after arriving at Continassa, he took one of the first photos together with Matthijs De Ligt, also a Dutch defender. Both smiling on the day of their first training session with the first team, having turned 16 shortly before. Two years later, in a Milan-Juventus match that meant second place in the standings for the Bianconeri, the debut in Serie A also arrived.

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