De Zerbi on the Brighton figure: “I didn’t know him until he joined the team…”

In recent seasons, the Brighton It became a jewel discovery machine that it finished polishing before selling for a fortune. One of the most notable cases is that of Moisés Caicedo: he bought the steering wheel of Independiente del Valle and ended up selling it in $146,000,000 to Chelsea, in the most expensive sale in the history of the Premier. And the formula could be repeated in a few months with another jewel of the club. Although the coach Roberto De Zerbi He admitted that he didn’t even know the player until he joined the training sessions.

This Saturday the Seagulls beat Stoke 4-2 and advanced to the next round of the FA Cup. The great figure of the match was the Brazilian Joao Pedro, who scored a double. The forward, who trained at Fluminense, arrived at Brighton this season for a significant fee: He paid 37,000,000 dollars to Watford in England. However, the deal could be considered a bargain as the attacker is drawing the attention of the most powerful teams in the Premier League.

“All the credit for hiring Joao Pedro goes to the club. They told me Joao’s name (Pedro), but I didn’t know him until he came to play with us”De Zerbi said in the post-match press conference. And he added: “I think he is improving, I would like him to start playing well from the beginning and not in the second half, or with twenty minutes left… I am working for him, not for myself. His level is enough for Brighton, but to play in a bigger team he must have a high level during the 90 minutess. “It’s not enough to play just 70 minutes.”

Joao Pedro has 15 goals this season (Photo: AP).Joao Pedro has 15 goals this season (Photo: AP).

Regarding this difficulty that the forward has in starting to perform in Brighton’s matches, the Italian coach pointed out. “I love Joao, he has enormous potential, more than what he has been showing. It could have started better today, it has been taking about 20 minutes to get into the game. But he is a sensational player.”

Finally, the DT analyzed his team’s victory: “We knew before the game that it was going to be complicated, at this level there are no easy games. We conceded the first goal, after missing two clear chances. But from that moment we started playing “Better than Stoke and I go with what my players did. I asked them to play a serious game, as if it were for the Premier League or the Europa League.”

Brighton DT Roberto de Zerbi (Photo: Reuters).Brighton DT Roberto de Zerbi (Photo: Reuters).

Joao Pedro’s numbers this season

Despite that shortcoming that De Zerbi commented, Joao Pedro’s season is spectacular. At just 22 years old, he is one of the most outstanding footballers that English football has. Counting the Premier League, the Europa League, the League Cup and the FA Cup, The Brazilian has already accumulated 15 goals in 28 games. In addition, he distributed two assists.

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