De Graafschap – De Graafschap has initiated a 22/23 recovery process after a significant loss

No one within De Graafschap can ignore it: the past 2022-2023 season was a low point both sportingly and financially. As previously communicated, the club is heading for a major loss. De Graafschap must submit the figures for the 2022-2023 financial year to the KNVB no later than November 1. The accountant is completing the audit and the figures still need to be approved.

Significant shortage

The new management and Supervisory Board immediately started working on a recovery process, so that we will again have a balanced budget for the coming season. “After I started this job in the spring, it quickly became apparent that there would be a significant deficit for the past season,” says financial director Hans Mol. “The big loss last season is a combination of many circumstances. A combination of much higher costs and simply not being in control of the figures, which resulted in too much investment, led to this disappointing result.”

“We have spoken to everyone in and around the organization about this and have looked carefully at expenditure and income in recent months and then we started working to gain insight into everything. We have drawn up an action plan to achieve a zero budget this season through various cuts and a share issue. Due to the cutbacks and the latest share issue, in which wealthy supporters of our club have jointly raised an amount, the survival of our club is not in danger, but we have to be on top of everything,” says financial director Hans Mol. “As management, it is our colleagues’ job to not only keep the club on track, but to get full speed ahead again.”

Lots of confidence

The past season has put everything and everyone on edge. The club is once again driven by loyal sponsors and loyal supporters. “As a club, despite the tough season and the financial situation, we look to the future with confidence,” explains general affairs director Michael Ogubai. “For example, there is our own youth academy, the progression to the first and the current football where everyone enjoy it so much. The Business Club continues to grow and we have sold more season tickets than last year. We are doing well in terms of sport with a young team and are participating in the sub-top of a very strong Kitchen Champion Division. Our selection is so young that no fewer than 24 players could still participate in our Under 21.”

“That is a foundation that has been created in recent years, on which we can continue to build,” Ogubai continues. “We also feel the support of all Superfarmers from the region. Around 11,000 supporters in the stands every week shows how unique our club is and how great the support is, despite the fact that we are active in the KKD for the fifth year in a row.”

View of the cup match and NAC Breda

“Another important match is scheduled for tonight, when we take on FC Emmen in the first round of the cup,” Ogubai continues. “Last year we of course had a great cup adventure and it would be wonderful to be able to repeat that. In addition, NAC Breda is already around the corner on Friday, an important match that we want to win to stay in touch with the sub-top. In addition, we can put the continued support of our supporters to good use again.”

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