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Rome, 26 October 2023 – The i scrappage payments-quater. October 31st is the expected deadline for the the first (single) installment of the facilitated definition of folders, introduced by Budget Law 2023. Payment must be made using the forms attached to the Notice of Sums Due, i.e. the letter sent by the Revenue Agency-Collection in response to about 3 million taxpayers who submitted their application for membership by the legal deadline of 30 June.

Scrapping quater tax bills, payments begin

Scrapping quater tax bills, payments begin

Please remember that for each instalment, the law grants additional payments 5 days of grace than the expected payment deadline. Therefore, for the installment due on October 31st, payments made will be considered valid by November 6, 2023 (il November 5th is a holiday therefore the deadline is postponed to the following day). In case of non-payment, or if it is made after the deadline or for partial amounts, the benefits of the facilitated definition will cease and the amounts already paid will be considered as an advance on the sums due.

How and where to pay

You can pay in bankgarlic ATMs (ATM) enabled for Cbill payment services, with theinternet bankinggarlic post officesin the tobacconists members of Banca 5 SpA and through i Sisal and Lottomatica circuitson the portal and with the Equiclick App via the pagoPa platform. You can also pay directly to Revenue Agency-Collection counters where access is permitted exclusively On appointment to be booked on the website in the “Territorial help desk” section or via contact center al numero 060101.

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How to request a copy of payment forms

The Revenue Agency has made some useful services available on its website for taxpayers in view of payment deadlines. In particular, it is always possible for those who are not in possession, for any reason, of the communication of the sums due and the payment forms, download a copy directly toreserved area of ​​the siteaccessing with the Spid, Cie and Cns credentialsor receive it via e-mail by sending a request from the public area, therefore without the need for a pin and password, attaching an identification document.

How to request direct debit from your current account

It is possible to request the activation of the direct debit of the installments of the facilitated definition on the current account, as well as at the counter, also from thereserved area of ​​the site using the “Activate/revoke SDD mandate for facilitated definition plans” service available in the Facilitated Definition section. It will be sufficient to select the facilitated definition plan on which you want to activate direct debit and enter the requested data. At the end of the compilation, the system sends an e-mail taken charge to the email address indicated and subsequently a second communication with confirmation of the activation of the service and the indication of the installment that will be charged. If the taxpayer does not receive such confirm within 10 working days prior to the expiry of the installment (for example, for the installment of 31 October 2023 the direct debit is active for requests confirmed by 17 October) the payment must be made using the other methods provided, while the debit from the account, in the case activation is confirmed, it will be operational starting from the next instalment.

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Simplification Decree 2023, what changes in the tax return

The con-tu service

It is also available in the public area of ​​the website ContiYouthe service that allows you to choose pay only some of the notices/bills on a subsidized basis contained in the Communication of the sums due. To do this you need to access the ContiTu item among the pages of the site dedicated to the facilitated definition and fill in the request. At the end of the procedure the taxpayer receives the Summary Prospectus via e-mail with the bills/notices you have chosen to pay and the related payment forms. For the remaining debts reported in the Communication, the facilitated definition will not produce effects.

Flood bill: first installment in bad weather areas in 2024

Please remember that for resident subjects in the areas affected by the flood last May (indicated in Annex 1 to Legislative Decree no. 61/2023 converted with amendments by Law no. 100/2023), the terms and deadlines relating to the facilitated definition have been extended by three months. Therefore, the Communication of sums owed will be sent by next December and the deadline for payment of the first (or only) installment of the scrapping-quater is expected in 2024.

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