Dardust, Duality + guests is a series of concerts with special guests

Launching on November 29th Duality + guestshe turns di Dardus in the main Italian theatres, a unique and visionary musical journey together with great guests with whom the artist is finally ready to embrace his audience again. 5 unmissable events organized by BPM Concerts in which Dardus will go on stage together with friends Saturnino in Civitanova Marche (29 November at the Rossini Theatre), Mahmood in Milan (12 December at the TAM Teatro Arcimboldi), Franco126 in Rome (24 January at the Brancaccio Theatre), Elisa in Bologna (29 January at the EuropAuditorium Theatre) ) and Samuele Bersani in Florence (3 February at the Teatro Verdi).

The pianist, composer and producer, a few months after the release of his last song Outside e just over a year after the release of the double album Dualitywill thus continue his journey between emotion and reason, bringing his duality to the stages of Italian theaters together with the exceptional guests involved in a futuristic show in 2 acts: “Duality + guests it is a journey that does not have a geographical and temporal map -tells Dardust- a show outside the box, not a concert tout court but a show that I like to define as “impressionist” because it refers to the influences and inspirations of Debussy and the various art shows of the late 19th century, where in addition to music, time and space , costumes, sets, lights and visuals are fundamental. In this new leg the guests interact with me during the first act at the piano (right hemisphere), more intimate, where the fulcrum is contemporary classical music while in the second act (left hemisphere) the electronics become predominant, there is energy, pure divertissement and the atmosphere is club-like. It’s a live show to watch without prejudice, it’s the ultimate synthesis of my last ten years of work, first you get excited and then you dance.”

Duality in fact it is the concept album with which Dardus has torn the veil that separated contemporary classical music from electronic music and defined its two sonic hemispheres that it reveals during the shows: one more reflective, meditative, close to instrumental chamber music (the first part of the album is a delicate set in solo piano); the other focused on beats and club electronics. Duality + guests is organized by BPM Concerts. Tickets are available in advance at the following link: https://bit.ly/dualityguest and in authorized sales points. The organizer declines any responsibility in case of purchase of tickets outside the authorized ticketing circuits not present in the official press releases.

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Dardust: “Duality is emotion and rationality. And I seek enchantment”

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