Dapper FC Volendam is not rewarded in Waalwijk

RKC Waalwijk – FC Volendam: 2 – 1 (1 – 0)

October 21, 2023 / Eredivisie

FC Volendam ended the away match in Waalwijk against RKC with a defeat tonight, after the international break. The first half initially seemed to end with a scoreline, but David Min changed this. In the second half, the Volendam team had the upper hand and deservedly equalized. However, one moment of inattention gave the Waalwijkers the ultimate victory: 2-1.

The match, with Xavier Mbuyamba in attendance after a long absence, was started at 6:45 PM by referee Edwin van de Graaf. The hosts became dangerous straight from the kick-off. A few crosses from the flanks flew past Mio Backhaus, after which a hard and low shot from Dario van den Buijs became a prey for the same Backhaus. At this point there were only forty seconds on the clock.

The next phase was for the Volendammers. Shots by Bilal Ould-Chikh and Robert Mühren, both from the right flank, went over and wide of Jeroen Houwen’s goal. Not much later, the RKC goalie ducked under Déron Payne’s cross, but Australian left winger Garang Kuol was not in the right position and the opportunity was lost.

The game flowed on. The ball was mainly positioned around the center circle. Some pinpricks were handed out here and there, but both goalkeepers were hardly really tested. After more than half an hour, Houwen was seriously tested. A deep pass from Calvin Twigt was appreciated by Mühren. The Volendam striker did not hesitate and took a hard shot into the far corner. Houwen was barely able to convert this effort into a corner kick. A few minutes later the next great opportunity arose for the visitors. This time it was Payne who pulled the ball and now Milan de Haan made an attempt. He shot somewhat wildly, causing his shot to sail over and wide.

Waalwijk lead

The first half seemed to end as it had started, goalless. RKC decided differently. Where initially Chris Lokesa hit the aluminum, it was then hit for the home team. However, it was the Volendam team who scored the goal themselves. An error in the construction was to blame for this. Damon Mirani could not reach the advancing Payne with a wide pass. His pass was intercepted and David Min picked up the ball. He cut inside and lashed out flawlessly with his right leg. The ball sailed straight into the far cross: 1-0.

FC Volendam opened the second half with courage and courage. The high pressure paid off in the sense that Volendam quickly gained the field dominance. This provided a nice opportunity for the Orange Shirts around the hour mark. A deep pass was delivered to Mirani who had come along. He extended the ball to Mühren. At least, that was the plan. Mühren just couldn’t reach the ball, allowing Houwen to pick it up.

The biggest danger of this second half, until that moment, came from two former Volendam players. A free kick from Aaron Meijers ended up at the feet of Michiel Kramer. The latter just couldn’t touch the ball enough to convert the ball into a goal.

An hour before Mbuyamba

After more than an hour, the strong playing Mbuyamba was replaced. After weeks of absence, the defender was able to regain match rhythm tonight. With this substitution, Mirani dropped back one line and Darius Johnson came in line. Johnson seemed capable of scoring a goal with his first touch. Seemed like, because he couldn’t reach Ould-Chikh’s tight low cross. After some changes on the Waalwijk side, the Waalwijkers almost doubled their lead immediately afterwards. A corner kick was headed hard by Van den Buijs, but Backhaus was able to save the effort fabulously.

Kohler chooses the attack

Trainer Mattias Kohler also decided to make more attacking changes in response. This is how attacker Quincy Hoeve came within the lines. Hoeve, who had just come on, turned out to be almost worth his weight in gold, but he saw his header narrowly skim over the Waalwijk goal. Volendam’s attacking intentions remained visible. Ould-Chikh once again passed his direct opponent. However, his low cross could not reach Volendam’s leg. Not much later, a shot by Benaissa Benamar also failed to hit the target.

Coach Kohler’s tactical choices were rewarded. Johnson steamed up the left flank. He delivered a fine cross that was then headed in by Benamar: 1-1.

The Volendam people smelled blood. Immediately from the Waalwijk kick-off, it was Johnson again who delivered a cross. This time Hoeve could only graze the ball, causing the ball to race past the post.

Lid on the Volendam nose

Where the Volendam team thought about a victory, the home team ran away with it. The organization of the visitors was lost for a moment. Yassin Oukili picked up the ball free of charge and was also allowed to take a swing. His effort was deflected and crashed into the far corner behind Backhaus: 2-1. The eager Volendammers looked for a victory but did not get one.

Squatter against Excelsior

Next week FC Volendam will play on the classic football Sunday. On October 29, the kick-off against Excelsior Rotterdam will take place in the Kras Stadium at 2:30 PM. This cracker can be followed via the Twitter report and the Instagram story.

Score progression:
43′ David Min 1 – 0
89′ Benaissa Benamar 1 – 1
90+2′ Yassin Oukili 2 – 1

RKC Waalwijk: Jeroen Houwen; Julian Lelieveld, Juriën Gaari, Shawn Adewoye, Dario van den Buijs, Aaron Meijers (71′ Denilho Cleonise); Godfried Roemeratoe (87′ Kevin Felida), Chris Lokesa (70′ Filip Stevanovic), Yassin Oukili; David Min (46′ Richonell Margaret), Michiel Kramer (90+4′ Jeffrey Bruma)

FC Volendam: Mio Backhouse; Deron Payne (70′), Xavier Mbuyamba (64′) Darius Johnson (64′), Benaissa Benamar (78′) George Cox (78′ Josh Flint); Calvin Twigt, Damon Mirani, Milan de Haan; Bilal Ould-Cheek, Robert Muhren (78′) Quincy Hoeve

Text: Berry Painter
Photos: Fred Rotgans

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