Dalia Ziadeh, the controversial human rights activist’s tales… She condemned the Al-Aqsa flood… She called on the occupation to kill the Palestinians… She attacked Al-Azhar and mocked Mohamed Salah

Dalia ZiadehHuman rights activist Dalia Ziadeh sparked a state of intense anger and widespread controversy among social media activists, after the statements she made in an interview with the Israeli Institute for Security Studies.

Dalia Ziadeh stands with the Israeli occupation

Dalia Ziadeh’s controversial speech, which angered social media users, was described in it Israeli occupation Al-Ghashem said that he is waging a war against terrorism on behalf of the Middle East region. He also described the Palestinian resistance as carrying out terrorism that cannot be justified, and that what happened on October 7, Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, is a massacre and what Hamas did cannot be justified.

Controversial human rights activist Dalia Ziadeh, veto

Social media activists attacked human rights activist Dalia Ziadeh because she stood by the Israeli occupation, which is committing genocide against defenseless civilians, and is committing war crimes and massacres against innocent people, including children in Gaza. They described her statements in the Israeli Center’s interview as false and out of context.

Dalia Ziadeh describes the resistance as terrorist

The beginning of the controversy and intense anger at activist Dalia Ziadeh was when the human rights activist launched descriptions that were contrary to reality, justifying the Israeli war on Gaza, when she said: “The October 7th incident or massacre was a hideous incident in every sense of the word. Human feeling to sympathize in any way with agitation “For her to carry out this action, and it cannot be justified even within the framework of an act of resistance, as is reported in some Arab media, I believe that this is also a completely wrong concept.”

Dalia Ziada continued to describe Operation Al-Aqsa Flood She said: “I personally watched some videos that were filmed by chance on this day, either from street cameras or home cameras, or even camera phones of cameramen and cameras belonging to Hamas members. What I saw was something horrific in every sense of the word.”

Human rights activist Dalia Ziadeh, veto

Dalia justifies the occupation’s war of genocide against civilians

Human rights activist Dalia Ziadeh also continued her justification for the war Genocide of civilians in GazaAnd in justifying the war crimes committed by the occupation against the defenseless Palestinian people, she said: “I think it is better to call it a war that Israel is waging against terrorism on behalf of the Middle East region. This is the best description of the war that is taking place now. Israel is not only fighting Hamas now, Israel is fighting Hezbollah.” God fights the Houthis, fights all forms of Iranian militias, and also fights everyone who adopts this extremist ideology in our region.”

Immediately after the broadcast of Dalia Ziadeh’s interview with the Israeli Institute for Security Studies, and her talk, which was described as false and incendiary against the Palestinian resistance, and its justification for the crimes of the Israeli occupation, social media activists attacked Dalia Ziadeh, because of what they described as Western statements that do not reveal the facts, and are outside the normal context. In describing the crimes of the occupation.

Dalia Ziadeh’s interview with the Israeli Center, VITO

The settler colonial entity was created before Hamas

Amr Al-Ahwani commented, saying: “Dalia Ziadeh, the human rights activist!? During her interview with the Israeli Institute for Security Studies!? She emphasizes Israel’s right to peace, considering that the roots of the problem lie in the presence of Hamas and that 75% of the region’s problems will end if Hamas disappears. The aforementioned may not know “This colonial-settler entity was established 60 years before Hamas’s first statement.” It may know, but it deliberately and intentionally ignores the information!? Sixty years before the emergence of Hamas, Israel committed massacres, massacres, and ethnic genocide against the Palestinian people. 774 Palestinian villages were ethnically cleansed and about 800,000 people were displaced. Israel uprooted and erased their existence for no other reason than religious superstitions among the people of the diaspora.

Al-Ahwani continued, saying: “Imagine that in the occupied city of Safed alone, 77 villages out of 82 were erased from the map and their people were exterminated and displaced. By the way, the information is documented even by the testimony of the “Israeli” historians themselves. Imagine decades before Hamas: ethnic cleansing, ongoing genocide crimes, and a racist and condemned apartheid regime. In the most important human rights organizations. All of this happened before Hamas, and yes, before October 7 and before hosting you at the institute. The important question: Why do some insist on making themselves… to polish the occupation?

Dalia Ziadeh, defender of the right to occupy, veto

Dalia is strangely loyal to Israel and her statements are shocking

Muhammad Abbas said: “A woman named Dalia Ziadeh is described as an Egyptian politician and writer. Her loyalty is strange to Israel and her statements are shocking, including statements… to many Israeli websites that openly support the Zionist entity! And she urges to stand with the Israeli army to annihilate the resistance in Gaza! This girl has been named By the American CNN, one of eight agents of change in the Middle East… What is surprising is that she held an official government position, unfortunately, she was a member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the National Council for Women. Can we do this hashtag #Dalia_Zayada’s trial? It could be a reaction and we can awaken our Arab conscience for once. “One! We will support the people of Gaza with it.”

Activist Dalia Ziadeh, Veto

Dalia Ziadeh, Vito

Raji Ammar “#Dalia_Zayada is neither a thinker nor a researcher, she is just a poor girl who found a job by chance at the Egyptian-American Ibn Khaldun Center, which is Saad al-Din Ibrahim, in his center in Mokattam, which was established with American aid. She was dazzled by the lights of the city, the amount of money flowing into it, and the relationships with suspicious American institutions, and she found it. An easy reward and an opportunity to develop by relying on them and the Zionists, and it does not differ much from Heba Slim and others…”

Dalia Ziadeh is looking for money and a higher salary

As for Sherine Arafa, she said: “Dalia Ziadeh worked before, at the Ibn Khaldun Center for Studies, and she was one of those involved in the American funding scandal for the center, along with its former president, Saad al-Din Ibrahim… Ibrahim described her as having come to him from the unknown areas of Shubra (one of the The poor neighborhoods of Cairo) and that she was always looking for money and the highest salary. She received several titles and awards in the field of human rights and supporting democracy. She even headed the branch of the American Islamic Congress in Cairo, which is known for its support of the American occupation of Iraq. She adopted the point of view of the Israeli occupation. It accused the resistance of committing massacres against the Israelis, whom it described as “innocent civilians,” and killing them in the most horrific ways. It also accused them of “raping women” and killing every living creature, even dogs and cats! It also described Hamas as a terrorist organization, and held them fully responsible for the war waged by Israel. On the Gaza Strip, and considered it a natural reaction to what he described as “Hamas terrorism”… What is strange and painful is that it called on Israel to continue its war, until “Hamas” is eliminated.

Dalia Ziadeh with representatives from the World Zionist Organization and with Rafael Maleh at the Interfaith Conference in Morocco., September 2019, VETO

Saeed Al-Hafiz said, “#Dalia_Ziada, I want you to talk about your meeting with Herb Horowitz, the former president of the American Jewish Organization in Central New Jersey, when you spoke about Israel’s wisdom in dealing with everything that was happening in the Arab Spring and in the Middle East region in October 2013, and your meeting with representatives of the World Zionist Organization and with Rafael Maleh in Interfaith Conference in Morocco, September 2019. The movement’s logo matches perfectly with the Otpor El Maleh network, a famous nickname for Jews.

Dalia angers Egyptians by attacking Mohamed Salah

This was not the first time that human rights activist Dalia Ziadeh raised controversy and anger among social media activists. She was subjected to harsh criticism after her attack on the soldier, Mohamed Salah, on an Israeli channel, who killed three Israeli occupation soldiers.
Dalia Ziadeh attacked soldier Mohamed Salah and said: “What heroic act of infiltrating the borders of a neighboring country with which we have had a peace treaty and security cooperation for years, and countless economic interests? What did you achieve by killing the soldiers standing on its borders with a “treacherous” movement that has no logical justification? Unless the person who planned it (and used the insurance agent to implement it) wanted to ignite the conflict between Egypt and Israel, or at the very least to cause a rift in the very good relationship between them? Or perhaps in another way, the aggressor was motivated by extremist religious motives, such as those that call for the killing of Jews on the basis of their religious identity. “It is also something that is harmful to Egypt and completely against the principles of the Egyptian state.”

This prompted social media activists to attack Dalia Ziadeh, after she described the Israeli occupation as “not an enemy,” and blamed the Egyptian insurance agent, who was carrying out his duties on the border when the incident occurred.

Dalia attacks Al-Azhar in her blogs

Dalia Ziadeh also wrote several articles in her blog that sparked anger and controversy. In one of her blogs, she criticized the Al-Azhar institution and attacked it when she described it as “a failure to prevent the niqab, which has begun to spread in Egyptian society.” She also wrote demanding that women be granted their freedom and the right to represent themselves against “ The concept of forbidden.

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