Current Arsenal or last season? Compare numbers and see which campaign was better

Now leader of Premier Leagueo Arsenal returned to the position in which it remained for much of last season. This time, however, the Gunners They don’t want to do the same thing and lose it suddenly during the dispute. To do this, they receive the Wolverhampton at the Emirates Stadium, this Saturday (2), for the 14th round, with live broadcast on ESPN on Star+ from 12pm (Brasília time).

And despite the new season, which brought about some changes, such as the arrivals and departures of players, for now the London team is making a similar start to the campaign as the last one. The big difference, however, is that in the past, even with a better performance than the current one in terms of points added (first classification criterion), the team of Mikel Arteta I wasn’t at the top of the English Championship.

In the 2022/23 season, Arsenal scored 31 points in the first 13 rounds and had a performance of ten wins, one draw and two defeats. O Manchester Cityin turn, was the one leading the classification, with 32 in the table, one draw more and one defeat less.

At the time, Arsenal still had two games postponed and because of this they only had to play them later, spending a few rounds with fewer games compared to their other opponents. In the end, the sequence yielded three more points, as the Gunners lost one game (Manchester City 3 x 1) and won the other (4 x 0 in the Everton).

In the end, the London team finished runner-up, with 84 points, five less than City, who became champions in the final stretch of the dispute.

In the current campaign (2023/24), the London team leads with 30 points, that is, one less than last season, in addition to nine wins, three draws and one defeat. In other words, so far, Arsenal have lost less, however, drawn more and also won less.

What allowed them to take the lead at this point in the competition was, in fact, the lower performance of their opponents compared to last season. City, for example, is the current runner-up with 29 points, three less than in 2022/23.

On the other hand, last season, at the same time in the competition, despite occupying second place, Gunners had a greater advantage for 3rd in the table, which at the time was the Newcastle, with seven points less. Today, however, the score difference is smaller: just one point for the Liverpool.

Even the Aston Villafourth placed, threatens the Gunnerssince it also adds the same 28 points as Reds and could even pass it in the table according to the results of this 14th round.

Regarding artillery and defense, last season the team scored 30 goals and conceded 14 in the first 13 games. Currently, there are 27 scored and ten conceded, with an additional positive goal in the +17 balance.

“I think there are more levels to come, I hope so. We have to continue to do a lot of the things we do well in games to earn the right to win, but I think we can still improve and be more consistent,” Arteta said at a press conference on Friday (1st), the day before the game.

“(Tomorrow’s game) will be different, it won’t be the same and we can’t expect the same. This team will be different from last season and hopefully very different from next season, and that’s part of the evolution,” he continued.

“Leaving some things in the past to make way for new things is a transition. We want to remain competitive and win games and I think the team is competing very well.”

Where to watch Arsenal v Wolverhampton?

Arsenal x Wolverhampton will be broadcast live on ESPN no Star+this Saturday (2), at 12pm (Brasília time).

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