Crowded on the road due to snow and slippery conditions, many traffic jams in the south and west

Busy on the road in Eindhoven this morning

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Slippery conditions have led to a busy morning rush hour. According to the ANWB, around 7.45 am there was a traffic jam of more than 1,100 kilometers and the delay on a number of roads had increased to more than half an hour to an hour. The number of accidents was not too bad until 9:00 am.

The KNMI has issued a code yellow for the entire country due to slippery conditions. Roads may have become frozen due to last night’s wintry weather. With code yellow, the KNMI calls on people to be alert due to the risk of dangerous weather.

Snow showers will pass through today and tomorrow. It is expected that a few centimeters will remain, especially further inland. “Traffic and outdoor activities may be affected by this,” the KNMI writes.

Since last night, Rijkswaterstaat has spread a total of 5.5 million kilos of salt over more than 61,000 kilometers with 577 gritters.

Several accidents occurred in North Brabant, including with this car on the A270 near Nuenen

Accident due to slippery conditions near Nuenen

Code yellow will still apply tomorrow. Snow remains can then lead to slides due to rising temperatures.

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