Cristian Castro spoke about his failed meeting with Luis Miguel

Despite the competition they always had, Cristian Castro always showed great admiration for Luis Miguel, which took him to attend one of the presentations from his tour in Argentina.

Although she had a desire to meet him again, that never happened and her expectations were frustrated.

However, in the middle of a conversation with Fernando Dente on his program Noche al Dente (América), Castro stated that it was Luis Miguel who gave him access to his presentation in Buenos Aires.

Castro confessed: “I went to see him, I thought maybe I would say hello to him in the dressing room, but no. I thought that being in the audience he would greet me, he looked at me a couple of times, but I felt he was very focused on his show.”

“I enjoyed it a lot, then I had to leave because it was ending. I left wanting a smile, a hand to greet me, but no, it’s okay. No problem, we are going to continue like this until the end,” added the singer in Noche al Dente

Regarding the relationship they had in the past, Verónica’s son recalled: “Before we were more friends, we even went out riding the jet ski together and now he doesn’t want to greet me,” said the Mexican singer.

“I think he is a very committed boy, comparing him to me is a mistake and it is unfair. Luis’s victory has been devastating and does not compare to my victory,” Castro explained about Luis Miguel’s possible reaction. (M1)

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