Court releases partial list of names of people who had ties to Epstein

A photo of Jeffrey Epstein from 2017.Image AP

An American judge ruled last month that documents containing the names of more than one hundred and seventy people involved had to be made public. The first part of it has now been released. According to the BBC it concerns 943 pages, including the testimonies of Epstein’s ex-partner Ghislaine Maxwell and victims Virginia Roberts Giuffre and Johanna Sjoberg. The testimonies were part of a 2015 civil lawsuit centering on allegations against Maxwell.

The court documents contain the names of Epstein’s suspected accomplices, as well as victims and associates. The fact that people are on the list does not mean that they are or ever were suspects. People who were indirectly involved with Epstein and journalists who worked on the case are also accused The Guardian mentioned in the document.

Epstein was accused of widely abusing teenage girls. The entrepreneur is also said to have taken the girls to his island Little Saint James in the Caribbean, which could be seen as human trafficking. Maxwell, with whom Epstein had a relationship for a long time, is said to have recruited victims. She was sentenced to twenty years in prison in 2021. It is said that $150 million from Epstein’s estate has now been paid out in compensation to more than 125 women.

Blacklisted names

The name of former American president Bill Clinton, among others, appears in the testimony of Johanna Sjoberg. Clinton was already known to have been on board Epstein’s private jet several times, although he has always categorically denied that he knew anything about the abuse. He is said to have had contact with Epstein because of his work for the Clinton Foundation.

The names of illusionist David Copperfield and pop star Michael Jackson, who died in 2009, also appear in the documents. Jackson had already been accused of sexual abuse during his lifetime, but he had never before been associated with Epstein.

Some names were previously announced in the trial against Maxwell. Others, for example the names of victims who have not come forward with their stories, are blackened in the documents and remain secret. According to the judge, many people who are mentioned indirectly would not object to their names being released.

It is the first time that the testimony of Sjoberg, who worked for Epstein and was allegedly forced by him to perform erotic massages, can be read in full. She testified in 2016, among other things, that British Prince Andrew touched her breast, as can be read in the released documents.

Epstein had a large professional and social network in the United States and internationally. He often hung out with prominent people, including Britain’s Prince Andrew. Epstein took his own life before the federal trial against him had begun. Prince Andrew lost his honorary titles in 2022 due to allegations from Giuffre, who had sued him for abuse. A settlement was reached in that case.

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