Corrado Augias leaves Rai. He will go to La7. His harsh parting words and the controversy on “TeleMeloni”

Rome, 6 November 2023 – After Fabio Fazio, Bianca Berlinguer, Massimo Gramellini, Lucia Annunziata and the case of Roberto Saviano also Corrado Augias leaves Rai.

They wanted to demolish the communists’ RAI; they are simply demolishing Rai”, this is how Corrado Augias announces his farewell to Rai in controversy with the management desired by the Meloni government.

Corrado Augias leaves Rai and moves to La7, he will host La Torre di Babele

Corrado Augias leaves Rai and moves to La7, he will host La Torre di Babele

It was already known from the presentation of the schedules that the journalist would no longer host some of his programs on air Rai3but the choice still makes noise because it arrives after 63 years of militancy in Viale Mazzini.

“A government that on a general level has proven to be approximate and incompetent has produced the maximum efficiency in the progressive destruction of Italian radio and televisionno less”, says Augias who arrives on La7 to host the cultural program “La torre di Babele”, every Monday in prime time from 4 December.

Augias’ farewell, which thus leaves the third possible edition of the program “The Joy of Music” on hold, the only remaining hypothesis of permanence on the third network, therefore follows those of Fabio FazioBianca Berlinguer, Massimo Gramelliniwhich they went to also strengthen the competition with good resultse Lucia Annunziatajust to mention the most striking names.

Then, there is Roberto Savianowhich was supposed to lead “Insider – face to face with crime”. “The CEO of Rai never said that it was closed because I violated the code of ethics, which in fact I did not violate – states the writer to Le Iene – “He said it was his choice, among other things it’s within his power. It’s purely political revenge, terrible.”

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Rai 2024 license fee reduced: here’s how much it will cost

Rai 2024 license fee reduced: here's how much it will cost

The programs that have arrived have not, at least for the moment, achieved the desired results. Ending up, little by little, under the fire of criticism “Avanti Popolo” by Nunzia De Girolamo e “The merchant at the fair” by Pino Insegnobeyond Bianca Guaccero with “Liberi tutti”, Max Giusti with “Fake Show”, Camilla Raznovich with “Macondo”.

“After Fazio, Annunziata, Berlinguer, Gramellini and the punishment against Saviano, Rai also loses Augias, doing its private competitors a favor. Without a product strategy, content and quality names, ratings collapse. The public service regains authority”, he claims councilor Francesca Bria. “The new Rai leaders put in place by the Meloni Government are practically dismantling Rai”, underlines the group leader ofGreen and Left Alliance, Peppe De Cristofaro.

Also worrying is the government’s choice of reduce the fee from 90 to 70 euros, which will bring fewer funds into Viale Mazzini’s coffers which will however be almost entirely offset by the 420 million allocated for next year and probably also for the following two. In any case, the lack of certainty on resources, together with the loss of approximately 20 million annual transfers, pushed the Board of Directors to hypothesize an increase in advertising ceilings which, however, does not seem to be on the agenda at the moment. On the agenda, however, is the hearing of the Supervisory Commission of the host of Report, Sigfrido Ranucci (together with the director of Rai Insights Paolo Corsini), seen by the opposition as intimidation of the journalist. In defense of the presenter and the freedom of the press was organized by Article 21 a walk of legality which will be held in conjunction with the hearing at the Pantheon in Rome.

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